Jesus, Geography & Substitution - from the Along the Road Online Biblical Study |

Jesus, Geography & Substitution

“Just as we read of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew 3 and 4, water stories and miracles in the Biblical narrative seem to be followed up with wilderness seasons, almost as if we’re called by God to take the thirst-quenching relief of the miracle forward into the difficult season that lay ahead, as a reminder to trust that He’ll provide even long after the water dries up.”

The Gospel on the Ground Online Biblical Study - The Kingdom of God is a Mustard Seed |

Week Two | The Kingdom of God is a Mustard Seed

“We often find ourselves in places or situations in life we didn’t expect or plan to be in for our lives.  But often it is the times like these when we are forced out of our comfort zones, away from “home” so to speak, that the most growth takes place.  And that growth is our way to bear witness to what God has done in and through us.”

What is the Wilderness? - "Wealth of the Wilderness" Online Study |

Week One | What is the Wilderness?

“If you would have asked me about “the wilderness” back in February 2020, I might have told you about the Israelites and their 40 years spent wandering in the wilderness. Or I would have shared about the time that Jesus walked, still dripping wet from His baptism in the Jordan River, into the wilderness to face the devil’s temptations.”

This is 35

This is 35. I was greeted at work with the sweetest sentiments of birthday wishes yesterday, complete with gourmet cupcakes…


What’s in a name?  that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. — William…