Week Two // The Best Yes

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โ€œTo fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek him the greatest adventure; to find him, the greatest human achievement.โ€

augustine of hippo

The Intentional Filling community was designed not only as a way to journey together with other women as we discover who each of us really are, but what makes us tick and what things we’ve been trying to force into the God-shaped hole within.

We’re all like a sweet toddler with chubby hands trying to coax a square peg into a round whole.  Try as she might, there’s just no making it fit.  But that round peg in the square hole, it manages to squeeze through, but there’s still some empty spaces around it.

We try to coax our commitments, families, and our weary selves to fit into a rigid schedule. ย And try as we might, there’s just no way to make it all fit, or if we finagle it, there are still going to be some empty spaces that we can’t figure out how to fill.

Download the weekly schedule for quick reference.

This week we have two chapters that will guide us through the realities of what it means to take on life by ourselves.  And what a difference, a beautiful difference, it can make when we begin to adventure on through the brambles of life, to a more fulfilling place by asking for our Creator’s help to fill those stubborn empty places.

This week you’ll also be introduced to one of the first guest bloggers for The Intentional Filling. Throughout the study, you’ll get to hear the voices of other community members and their perspectives ofย The Best Yes. (If you would be interested in guest blogging for any of our later chapters, please email me!)

Have a sweet friend who thinks would benefit from this study? ย Or do you know someone who is afraid they waited too long to join the study? ย It’s not too late. ย Have her email me so I can get her added to the mailing list!

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