5 Genius Moves For Your Summer Vacation

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I don’t know about you and your family, but after the weather that we endured in West Virginia this year, I’m ready to be outside and soaking up every ounce of sunshine I can get.  However summer usually brings with it an increase in spending as we visit places that we were not able to get to with the five layers of clothing needed to survive the trek to the car.

Not everyone’s bank account is ready on short notice for all of the fun activities that we want to get ourselves into, so I pulled out all of my creative juices to develop a list of 5 genius moves for your summer vacation that will cost you next to nothing!

No. 1 – Become a Tourist

You’ve seen them before, the people that stick out like a sore thumb whenever you’re on vacation, wearing their cameras around their neck so that at a moments notice, they’re ready to snap a picture of something remarkable…or not-so-remarkable, depending on the area.

Grab your point-and-shoot, your dad’s old Polaroid, or the fancy DSLR you spent your life savings on and shart snapping.  Go for a walk in your neighborhood and look for interesting pieces of architecture that maybe you never paid any attention to before.  Seek out a different perspective of familiar items, such as old signs or toys left in a neighbor’s yard.

No. 2 – Take the Scenic Route

Don’t have anything planned for the evening or this weekend?  Then take the scenic route to a favorite destination.  Or to expand on number one and go for a drive to a part of town that you’ve not explored before.  See what treasures you find along the way.

You never know what you might discover along your journey.  A new little cafe that you never knew existed.  A great park to take the kids to.  A beautiful overlook that would be ideal for a picnic or place to catch up on some Zs.

No. 3 – Get Back to the Basics

Invite some friends over for a cookout.  Pull together the scrap wood from your latest projects around the house and build a campfire.  Cook hot dogs or create some fun camping meals (insert your favorite Pinterest ideas here) over the fire.  For dessert, roast marshmallows for smores with the works!  Try out different kinds of chocolate, different types of graham crackers and flavored marshmallows to come up with the perfect smore!

No. 4 – Read a Book

One of my favorite things to do during the lazy days of summer, is to grab a new book (or even and old one off the shelf), a blanket and a glass of iced tea and lay out in the sun and read.  Get lost in a book, soak up a different perspective, or learn about something new. Whatever book you choose, read it from cover to cover.  Sometimes it’s the journey more than the content that makes the experience worthwhile.  Oh and don’t forget your sunscreen!

No. 5 – Relax and Unplug

Today’s society is so consumed by being “plugged in” and staying “connected” to everyone and everything all the time that we often forget to actually connect with what and who is around us.  Spend an afternoon just hanging out with your family.  No technology is allowed!  Create some fun playing board games or go on a scavenger hunt.  See what you can come up with using a little imagination and soon you’ll forget all about your Twitter feed and what recipes Suzy is pinning right now.

What other genius moves can you think of to incorporate into your summer vacation?

Originally posted on Womanhood With Purpose – 5/30/2014

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  1. I’m SO not a vacationer … in fact that is what my blog post is about (on Motivation Monday, not very motivational I’m afraid). Vacations just create SO much anxiety for me. I guess I just need to do mini, close to home stay-cations, but could still use some of these tips 🙂

    1. Well Jen, this post is PERFECT for you then. All of these tips are great for those “stay-cations” or even for a weekend at home. Hope you are able to enjoy some of these ideas this summer! Be blessed!

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