Week Five // The Best Yes

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This book study is focused on a book entitled,ย The Best Yes, yet we’ve learned over the last few weeks that BEST YES moments do not always include an utterance of that word, yes. ย Sometimes our best choice requires a no.

No; it’s the shorter of the two words, yet it is so much harder to say than yes. ย It’s not a matter of pronunciation, but determination.

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In the upcoming chapters we’ll have an opportunity to explore the power of saying no and how, even though it is often one of the most difficult answers we can give to others, it can be the most rewarding, freeing and empowering.

I pray that this week, any barriers that you’ve been hiding behind are torn down. ย Not to expose you, but rather to allow you to be able to absorb the truth of what Lysa is about to share with us!

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