Biblical context matters

Let’s bring Scripture to life!

Long gone are the days of your grainy and unclear black-and-white (with the occasional words in red) views & understanding of the Bible.

Say hellooo–to a technicolor look at Scripture, where the words nearly lift off the page in high definition and detail!

That’s right! By intentionally studying the context of Scripture, you can turn your Bible reading experience into a modern-day remake of the Wizard of Oz… without the flying monkeys, of course!

Biblical context matters & it’s our yellow brick road to a deeper faith!

Need a Bible refresher?

No matter if you’re new to your faith, new to the Intentional Filling community, or just want to brush up on your Biblical background, this course is for YOU!

Establish a solid foundation for growth in understanding the Bible and find nourishment through pursuing a deep relationship with God.

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Biblical Context is important

and finding a safe space to explore it is too!

  • Community of supportive Jesus-loving Gal Pals
  • Resources to better understand the Bible
  • A safe space to ask ALL of the hard questions
  • Learn from real-life examples of faith
  • Exclusive content + downloads!

If you love Jesus & want to know Him better, this is the place!
Plus the encouragement, friendships, prayers, and support are
pretty good too… just saying.


Online Biblical Studies

The Parables: Jewish Tradition and Christian Interpretation - Fall Online Biblical Study |

Fall 2024 Study

7-week study

Winter 2025 Study

7-week study

Temple and Tabernacle Cover

Fall 2025 Study

7-week study

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