Week Four // The Best Yes

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I’ve lived in my townhouse for three years this March.  But before I moved here, I lived on the other side of the wall in another townhouse.  The reason I moved my things out one door and into another just feet away is a story for another time, but that move was much bigger than it really appeared.

I had packed up all of the decorations, picture frames and things that had adorned the brick wall in the first townhouse and set those boxes aside for not one, but two and a half years.  That’s right, my walls, white and bare stared back at me for two and a half years, begging for some love and something to dress them up.

But years of watching HGTV with my mom and the plague of Pinterest held me stock still and I didn’t know where to begin… and so I didn’t.

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Do you ever feel trapped when it comes to make a decision?  It seems like the options are suffocating you and so instead of facing them head on, you run screaming from the scene, never to return. Although hanging picture frames on the walls isn’t a life or death decision, it speaks volumes to how flawed my decision making process has become, and why I need Jesus so desperately in my life.

I need Jesus, not because He can tell me to hang the picture of my family a litttle to the left; no, up a little higher.  No I need Him so He can gently take me by the hand and lead me to a place where a decision can be made and I can feel at peace with what has been decided.

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This week you’ll be introduced to a few other guest bloggers for The Intentional Filling.  It has been such a blessing to hear the voices of these community members over the weeks and I would love to give you an opportunity to allow your voice to be heard as well.

If you’re interested in guest blogging for any of our upcoming chapters, please email me!

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