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Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl {Book Review}

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“Let this book take my focus off men and place it more directly on You.  Help me to surrender the desire to “find” a man, and allow myself to be pursued instead.  Let the only pursuit that I make be that of getting to know You more fully and coming to trust in Your timing, your will and your design for my life.  Guide me in Your ways and this change of mind.  I pray.  Amen.”
And “this book” that I was talking about…I hadn’t yet completed when I prayed this prayer.  I just knew that it was time for me to make the change from pursuer to the one being pursued.  It was also time to make my own confessions of a boy-crazy life.

Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl by Paula Hendricks came to me through my first and only win of a blog giveaway.  I never win anything, but I enter these suckers all of the time… you know, just in case.I had never heard of the book, but I was surprised that through sending my contact details to the author herself in order for my copy to be shipped, that this would be an opportunity for me to hold my own giveaway!  (So be sure to enter below, even if you’re one that never wins either – it could be YOUR day!)

Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl {Book Review} www.imperfectvessel.com

What I also didn’t realize was just how much this book (though geared towards young women) would get the ball rolling for my own long-time-coming transformation in regards to looking my sin in the face and ultimately having the courage to walk away from it and rely more heavily on God. (Thanks Paula!)Have you ever stopped to think about what (or who) controls your life?  Like, honestly, what is the thing that manipulates your attitude, the way you dress or act, or even what stores you shop at?  If you have and were honest with yourself, I’m sure you were surprised by your answer.  And if you haven’t, take a moment and think this through.

For years I’ve done my own backwards scheming, trying to force my hand and manipulate God’s will towards making relationships happen with one guy or another.

I’ve held fragile, flawed human beings up on pedestals and all but worshiped them; valuing their thoughts of me and my future more than my heavenly Father’s.

I’ve lusted after unsuspecting men and even explained it away, not considering it a sin, because I felt it was harmless to them, and at the same time mistakenly thought it was harmless to me as well.

I’ve been wrong for a very long time.  If I lived by the standards of the scripture that this blog is based on (Philippians 4:8-9 MSG), then I would have known that these thoughts were not ones that I should be entertaining.

But it was not until I read the following quote from Paula, did I realize this, despite the fact I’m a thirty-one year old with a Master’s degree; denial is denial, no matter how you look at it, and what I had been giving into was wrong.

If a thought doesn’t pass the Philippians 4:8 test, rather than letting that thought captivate you, instantly capture it in your mind and turn it over to King Jesus.  Then replace that stray thought with a thought that is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, or praiseworthy.”  (Pg. 61)          

It was a slap to the face and I’m pretty sure my cheeks burned crimson as they usually do when I’m caught in an embarrassing moment.Luckily this quote was prefaced with another just as eye opening.

Until God gives you an eternal, sinless body, you are going to experience an ongoing fight between the flesh and the Spirit.  You will decide who you allow to gain the upper hand by the choices you make.  Which is more evident in your life, the works of the flesh or the fruit of the Spirit? (See Galatians 5:19-23).”

The Works of the Flesh      The Fruit of the Spirit
Sexual immorality              Love
Impurity                             Joy
Sensuality                         Peace
Idolatry                              Patience
Sorcery                             Kindness
Enmity                              Goodness
Strife                                Faithfulness
Jealousy                          Gentleness
Fits of anger                    Self-control

Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl {Book Review} www.imperfectvessel.com //

Through Paula’s own story of being awakened to the truth through God’s word I found myself suddenly facing my own sin and the glaring fact that I am wrought with sins, even ones that I wasn’t aware that I have been committing.  

I had a lot to chew on.  And so, doing what most Christians are afraid to do, I prayed a prayer that asked God to break me of what I’ve allowed to be my idol for so long, knowing full well that the wind in my sails and the proverbial rug beneath my feet would soon be pulled from me.I’ve been on this pursuit for so long that I almost feel like there’s a void, a gaping hole in me where it once took up space in my chest.  I lay in bed at night, where I used to dream up fantasies of winning a man’s heart and suddenly find that I have no “comforting” thoughts to focus on to lull myself to sleep.So instead of wasting time fantasizing what it would be like to meet Benedict Cumberbatch, I’ve suddenly found myself initiating a completely different kind of pursuit after a guy that I have every right to hold on a pedestal.His name is Jesus.  

Thanks to a not-by-chance win on a blog giveaway, I intend to get to know every inch of Him as I’ve studied every inch and detail of the lives of other men over the years.

How about you?  What are your idols?  Will you be bold enough to break them down and worship Jesus instead?

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  1. I desperately need this book right now, so I am very happy that I found out about your blog and giveaway. I need to make Philippians 4:8 my filter. It seems like if we used that verse to filter our thoughts, we would have peace like the chapter mentions. And joy! Thank you for your giveaway, and I am in a similar boat with you, Bree!

    1. Katy, that is a great way of thinking of it; a Philippians 4:8 filter! Love it! I am glad that you stumbled upon the post and I hope that you were able to take away encouragement that you’re not alone in your humanness and struggles. Many blessings to you!

    1. Thanks Tiff! Be sure to send them this way to enter for the giveaway! And I think that a married gal would also really enjoy it as well because it would lend some great lessons to share with future generations!

  2. It can be a scary thing to give God total control of our lives – what will he reveal about my heart? But ultimately it’s the giving of our whole heart, mind, and soul that will bring us the most peace!
    Bree, you are so brave to share your heart so openly! Thank you!

    1. Total surrender is a very scary thing to do. I just read in “Let’s All Be Brave” by Annie Downs that it’s not just saying that you know that God can do all things, but you have to be okay with the fact that even though He can do all things, He might not choose to give you all things that you desire. It’s something that you have to be settled with not only mentally but also with your heart. And thanks! I’ve found that being transparent and showing my flaws is much more empowering than trying to appear that I’ve got my act together. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I am a born again Christian , and I am divorced but not by my choice. I do agree with your posting. However as a guy I find it hard to pursue a woman when one woman after another rejects me as a man. Yes, a man should pursue a woman, but will he keep trying if a woman keeps turning him down? We should always trust the Lord, but as a man I find it hard if a woman keeps turning me down.

    1. Hi John, welcome! I’m sorry that you’ve experienced such rejection. It’s definitely hard to remain positive. I know, I’ve been there being cheated on many times before. Because of that, I’d say that I’m not the best to go to for relationship advice, so instead I suggest lifting up to God. Seek Him first and you’ll find that other places in your life will fall into place.

  4. I love Paula’s ministry! I would love to win this giveaway to give it to my dear sister. I myself was a boy crazy girl once in my school years but praise God, I’ve been delivered and I now have a passion to minister to yongrr women about finding their true identity and love in Jesus. I love my sister and I know that she will benefit a lot from Paula’s testimony and teachings. Thank you for this opportunity!

    1. Hi Karen! Praise be that you have been able to move on beyond the “craziness” and have accepted the calling to minister to women who may be walking though those struggles right now. I sure wish I had a copy to giveaway to everyone who enters! Thanks for stopping by and entering!

  5. It really made me think! My daughter is getting ready to head to college and I really want her to read this!

    1. Melissa, you’re so right, this book would be a great addition to your daughter’s packing list as she heads off to begin a new chapter. Praying for you both as you make the transition to this next phase in the journey!

  6. Bree, what a heart-felt and encouraging word. Thank you for sharing your heart here and providing a couple of copies of this great book! I so appreciate the Phil 4:8 test — I tend to get bogged down, not taking every thought captive, and this is such a biblical and practical way to take my thoughts before God and entrust myself to my faithful Creator. <3

    1. Amanda, thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment! I think the Phil 4:8 test (or filter, as another reader called it) is a great thing to adopt in our daily walks through this world. I’m so glad you are able to take away that great “nugget of truth” from Paula! Many blessings to you as you begin to apply it as well!

  7. Bree! I love you. And I love your honesty. This book looks awesome for women struggling with idolatry (which literally means adultery) with men. I’d love to pass this book along to my younger sisters for when they’re older. Don’t worry, my eight year old sis is not dating! 😉 Hope to see you soon, darling. <3

    1. Andrea – I love you too, darlin’! I entered that giveaway in hopes to win this book to share with you because of our conversations in months past! I think this is a book that every young woman should read and even those thirty-somethings that still struggle with determine what roles men should take in our lives. Hope you entered for the giveaway…and I get to see you soon as well! Hugs!

  8. ohh man Bree! definitely something that I need God’s help getting through – because I struggle with this too 😛 *sigh*
    thank you for your clear words, honesty, and encouragement! 🙂

    1. Sorry for the delay in response! I’m glad that this post touched you and I pray that you will continue to seek Christ first above all other (manly) things. Be blessed, my sister!

  9. Bree, we are neighbors today over at Holley’s place, sharing a cup of #CoffeeForYourHeart together! This sounds like a great book and I love what revelations it brought to you… and what freedom! I have a college girlie who is not so much boy-crazy herself (a little, I am sure… ) but is surrounded by friends who are always looking (and choosing poorly!) This is such an important message! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ahh, I hate when comments slip through the cracks. Sorry for the delay! I’ll have to be sure to check out your post that you had submitted to Holley’s! I hope that this message is one that will provide a bit of hope and inspiration to your daughter’s friends (and to your girlie as well!). It’s a hard battle to face, but knowing you’re not alone is such a comfort and relief! May you all be blessed!

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