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You sit before a to do list a mile long.  It calls out task after task that you try to wrap your head around, but you’ve just received your fifth text in two minutes, the baby is crying again, and the laundry pile is reaching an unsafe height…

How can you possibly tackle an online book study when a crazy number of responsibilities are demanding your attention? 

Staci Payne, a leader of The Imperfect Vessel’s online community, to the rescue!

No, I’m sorry, she’s not out for hire, and she won’t be stopping by to tackle the dirty dishes.  But what she has done for you already by compiling this list of tips to help you better manage your time, is invaluable!

Ideas to Help Get the Reading Done

  • Read during your lunch break or child’s nap
  • Read at bedtime, or if you wake up early in the morning
  • Take yourself out for coffee once a week and read the chapter assignments
  • Set a timer and read as much as you can for 10 minutes

Ideas to Help Your Engagement & Interaction

  • Pencil it on your calendar like any other appointment to respond to blogs, questions, or activity prompts. This will only take you a few minutes to read through the content and participate through commenting.
  • Stay engaged even if you only respond briefly. A single sentence response adds up during the study and really makes a difference to help you feel on top of things.  This small amount may be a huge encouragement for others!

Ideas to Help You Benefit the Most From the Study

  • Life happens, illness occurs, messes in life can overwhelm and we can easily feel defeated because we’ve fallen behind.  Remember, His grace covers all of that.  Just get back on track as soon as you can.
  • Reach out for prayer when you feel overwhelmed. This can really lift your spirits and pull you from the tempting pit of defeat, where we feel isolated, shameful and lied to.  By reaching out, not only will you feel inspiring accountability, but you will have a better understanding that you’re not alone!

It is my prayer that these tips will help you to understand that life, though messy and imperfect, can be full of great purpose.  Take a deep breath, my sweet girl, you’re going to be just fine!

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