Tid Bits of Life {and a Q&A}

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Just in case you have a few minutes; are waiting in line at the grocery store, or trying to avoid making eye-contact with the strangers in the elevator.  Or maybe you are genuinely interested in the quips and quirks of me.  Whatever the reason, here’s a list of ten random things that you may or may not know already… Enjoy!
ONE // I don’t use cruise control…ever.  The thought of not being in control of how fast I’m traveling in a little tin can down the freeway scares the bejeezus outta me!

TWO // I taught myself to drink unsweetened tea in order to save calories.  I now canNOT drink sweet tea (especially McDonald’s) without wanting to gag!  And so, according to Paula Hendricks’ (author of Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl) I am a hard core tea drinker!

THREE // I am certain that I will need a king sized bed when I get married.  Or maybe go the old school way and just have separate beds.  I’m all for cuddling when I’m awake, but DON’T touch me while I’m sleeping!

FOUR // I am not flexible in the slightest.  This made gymnastics classes as a child, well, interesting and short lived.  Over the last year through Zumba I’ve been able to stretch out my muscles slightly, but I know for certain that I will never be a master of Yoga.

FIVE // I like my macaroni and cheese with ketchup.  It’s how my Dad eats his.  I learned from the best!

SIX // One of my pet peeves is when people leave an empty toilet roll.  I mean seriously?  (And I especially hate when that happens in my house as I live alone – doh!)  Do expect that if you’re at my house when this happens for a text message to come save me.

SEVEN // Some of my very best friends live all over the world, and have only a select few that live nearby. Seriously, Minnesota, England and Wales, why can’t you be closer to WV!?!

EIGHT // Another pet peeve of mine is the use of group text messages.  Just a hint, copy & paste is your friend!

NINE // I love the taste of coconut, but cannot stomach chewing it!  The texture – no thank you!

TEN // I don’t handle confrontation well.at.all!  I’ve overcome the immediate rush of tears that used to make its way down my cheeks at a drop of a raised voice. However, as an adult that release has been replaced with a rush of adrenalin that makes my insides shake.  Please don’t make me mad because I might throw a car or something with all of that stuff running though my veins.  (Am I part Hulk?  Hmm…)

I could go on, but I’ve gotta save some totally random and worthless information for future editions!  You know you’re looking forward to it…right?  Please just nod your head and appease me.  It’s Friday and I’m grasping here… Thanks!

And a little something different…

To shake things up here, I thought I’d give you an opportunity to ask me some of your questions, don’t be shy!  I’m willing to answer questions about singleness, faith, overcoming insecurities, or anything in between.

Ask about topics do you feel like I’m skirting or a post that you’d like a little more info on.  Be creative and have fun with this.

You’ll have until next Friday (8/29) to submit your questions and then I’ll be back with a video (yes, you’ll finally get to hear my real voice) with the answers.

Don’t Be Shy – Just Ask!

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