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God Winks and Goosebumps

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As you may have heard, I am working hard on getting things ready for the Winter 2015 Book Study (have you signed up yet?) and I spent the better part of my morning contacting small businesses.

I like to partner with small businesses for giveaways that take place during the studies.  Selling is not one of my strong points and trying to encourage others to provide freebies or discounts on items makes my stomach lurch.  I often have to remind myself that it’s all a part of doing business.  So I was surprised that I received a response almost immediately from one shop owner.

“Wow its amazing on how God works. Today I was thinking about closing down my Etsy Shop as I have not had much success. I was thinking this might not be the right path for me, but God may have just changed the decision for me due to you reaching out to me.”

Goosebumps, my friend, is how I know when the Spirit is near, and they ran up and down my arms as I read her message.

I have put off sending these messages until today, for some reason and now I know why.  It wasn’t the right time.  The message, should it have been sent sooner, may have fallen on deaf ears or got lost in her SPAM mail.  Today was the day that she needed the encouragement and today was the day that God saw it fit for me to sit down and type out just what she needed to hear.

Oh and she’s so excited that she is providing a generous offer for the study participants, but better yet, signed up to participate herself!

How has God winked at you lately?

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  1. Love this! I love how you call it God winking at you. Those are the best moments. I haven’t had one lately, but I know He is near always. He always sends the right people to encourage and be the light just when I need it. 😉

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