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Our Scars Are All The Same

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Today is the beginning of a new month. ย I’d like to think it’s the beginning of a new chapter in each of our lives. ย And one that we will surrender the pen to God, to fill it in as HE sees fit rather than for us to jot down our plans and schemes to get our way.

Today is also the beginning of a new Bible study that I’m participating in and one that I encourage you to partake in as well. ย It will focus on the beginning of Jesus’ earthly ministry, as he calls upon His disciples to drop their nets and to take up a life of servanthood and ministry as they’ve never known.

The Sermon on the Mount studyย byย She Reads Truthย is free and there is an optional (and beautiful) study pack that can be purchased to go along with the study. ย I hope that you’ll consider joining me in this study as we seek to discover Jesus’ true nature and how He desires to reveal His purpose for our lives as well.

Sermon on the Mount study by She Reads Truth

{Photo Source} She Reads Truth

Though it hasn’t been an easy month for me to gather ideas for content that inspires, I hope that you know that I pray for you as you sit here reading this.

And so today I also want to take a moment and to share what I feel is the overall message that I hope is conveyed here at The Imperfect Vessel:

The Imperfect Vessel exists not to sell you ideas or persuade a purchase out of you. The Imperfect Vessel exists to share the story of the daughter of a king and how much He still loves her despite her battered state and brokenness.ย 

It’s also to share the story that YOU too are a princess and of great worth, despite whatever state you currently reside. You’re not alone in your struggles.ย 

[Tweet “Our scars, though different shapes & sizes, are all the same. They’re simply bruises that can be healed by our Father.”]

What is your message for today? ย 
I’d love to hear what God is laying on your heart.

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  1. ah.
    I love she reads truth.
    I’m hoping to start this series tomorrow (did a ruth one today since I knew day one would be FULL of goodness and I didn’t give myself enough time before work!
    great thoughts on today’s lesson!

    1. Amy, thanks for stopping by. How are you doing with the study? I’ve fallen behind a few days because of the holiday weekend, but I’m hoping to get caught back up soon. I am really enjoying this study!

  2. Beautifully said! I am personally thankful that God restored me after the brokenness of my husband’s cancer, my season of infertility and through the Autism diagnosis of my daughter. I am thankful that He doesn’t leave us in our despair, but gently dusts us off and restores wholeness with His love! I am your latest follower! I am blessed to have found you!

    1. Hi Sarah Ann! Wow, thank you for sharing an insight to your testimony. God will restore! I am so blessed to know that you’ve found some nuggets of truth here – it’s lovely to have you! Hope to check out your blog and link up party soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You’re so, so welcome! It’s something that has been on my heart that I just needed to share. So happy to have an outlet and wonderful readers like you to share it with!

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