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Ever sat down to read your Bible and wondered if it will ever make any sense?
You’re not alone! Let’s open up our Bibles together to intentionally study Scripture from the perspective of the original audience. After all, Biblical Context Matters!

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  • want to be confident reading the bible
  • enjoy a fair share of sarcasm
  • desire to grow in relationship with god

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Biblical Context Matters Podcast hosted by Bree Blum of Intentional Filling
“Staying consciously closer to God makes my day easier to manage, and I give this podcast the credit for keeping me focused!”
Sheri Hart

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“Y’all just are like professors. I mean, I don’t even know how to describe this.  Like, these are a real thing, like a term paper you’re sharing.  The thought and the research and the work that goes into each episode, you can tell in what y’all do.  So, thank you!”

Amy King

Amy King

Retired Nurse

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