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Hi ladies! What a joy it is to enter into this new spring season with all of you! My name is Staci Payne. I am a thirty-something lover of His presence and professional encourager. A few of my favorite things: quiet time early in the morning, worshiping at His feet with absolute abandon, homemade lattes, laughter that makes you cry, prayer walks in the fresh air, and reading great books on my Kindle (I am a total book nerd, so feel free to hit me up for suggestions).

My sweet little home is located in my beautiful hometown of Napa Valley, California where I live with my husband, Michael and our son, Elijah. Just look at these guys!?  I can’t get enough of them.

This is My Story - Staci Payne // The Intentional Filling Community Connection Week - www.imperfectvessel.com

For a living, I serve on staff at an amazing little local, family owned shop with some of my best girls from church. We live to inspire at Eco Chic and speaking life and hope is what we do best outside of essential oil talk and cloth diapering (yep-we are a bunch of crunchy hippie mamas, haha!).

This is My Story - Staci Payne // The Intentional Filling Community Connection Week - www.imperfectvessel.com

We aim to impact our local community and transform culture by loving and serving well with the notion that people>products and Jesus is Lord! I am so blessed to pray over customers and watch the Holy Spirit pour out during some incredible divine appointments. I think Jesus just loves the bridge of the marketplace to meet with those in need of Him outside of the church walls. He will advance His Kingdom in any way He can and it has been awesome to witness!

This is My Story - Staci Payne // The Intentional Filling Community Connection Week - www.imperfectvessel.com

During the week, after work, you can find me fellowshipping and praying with my small group: Daughters of the King. Such world changers these gals are! It is so key to GET CONNECTED, friends! Doing life together happens in circles, not rows.  Being active in our faith, both individually and corporately is so life changing!

Be the invitation, and open up your home or be brave and connect with some new women from your local church or right here online! We need each other, ladies. We really do. Be a part of each other’s solutions, not problems.

Standing together and interceding with my sisters in Christ have been some of the most Spirit-led, healing, and joyful moments of my life. I know the pain and temptation towards rebellion in being disconnected, the agony of gossip, and the struggle to find accountability with women that are truly for you. Let’s be light and belonging for one another that overflows with mercy, grace, and love!  I’ll be heading up the “Study Buddy” portion of our book study, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it next week!

This is My Story - Staci Payne // The Intentional Filling Community Connection Week - www.imperfectvessel.com

As you can probably tell by now, my heart and passion is in connecting, encouraging, and equipping women in the Body of Christ!  Receiving encouragement, accountability, and genuine fellowship from other Spirit filled women is what helped shape my walk with Christ.

I spent many years after accepting Jesus not knowing what it LOOKED like to build my faith on solid rock.  I still suffered with anxiety and insecurity because I didn’t yet align myself with the Word and let it seep deep into my bones.  I didn’t declare His promises over my life or really know HOW to.  It was those friendships and mentors that paved the way and shared their lives with me that opened my eyes to how much more God had for me.

It’s in the way we love each other that helps set us free, break off generational curses and bolsters hope in the cynical and lost.  When we see other women living free in Jesus, it ignites the spark in us to burn brighter and break every chain.  What a beautiful responsibility we have in living out the Gospel in our daily lives for others to encounter His amazing love through us.

It was in those moments, those agape love encounters, that peaked my interest in meeting this Jesus and eventually yielding my life to Him and serving Him with all my soul, mind, and strength.

This is My Story - Staci Payne // The Intentional Filling Community Connection Week - www.imperfectvessel.com

Today I am intentionally focused on spreading that same hope through coming alongside sisters that need to know they are known, loved and valued.  That is really how I found myself here online, at the Intentional Filling.  Seeing my dear friend Bree (our fearless leader) live out her calling at the Imperfect Vessel so inspired me and drew me in!  She is the real deal, ladies!

I am so drawn to community that stirs up revival and hope in the lives of women as they share their authentic hearts, testimonies and revelations.  When you taste freedom, you can’t help but want everyone to share in that same meal at the communion table.  Oftentimes just living boldly and unapologetically in our faith is the very invitation for others looking on, to pull up a chair to taste and see that He is good!  Hope inspires hope!

So pull up a chair at our table here at the Intentional Filling and let’s connect and be changed!  Let us cling to His promises and believe them to be true for ourselves and for each other by walking in the kind of obedience that leads to a free, abundant life that inspires others!  I look forward to our fellowship and celebrating God’s promises over our lives.  It is an honor to serve you here in this community.  Be blessed!

Luke 1:45 Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!

[divider type=”dashed” color=”grey”] [row-start] [three-fourths]Staci Payne lives in the beautiful Napa Valley with her husband Michael, sweet baby boy Elijah and their two dogs.  She is a Word girl, loves authentic connection and has a passion for online women’s ministry (along with the perfect latte to start her day).  She thrives living intentionally focused, proactive and purposeful each day as she aims to make a difference in her local community and beyond by being a doer of the Word.  Staci loves working at Eco Chic promoting natural and honest methods of family living, and has a strong desire to inspire people to live WELL through wonderful products, education, outreach and love.

You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.[/three-fourths] [one-fourth]Staci Payne[/one-fourth] [row-end]

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