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Day Fifteen // The Best Yes

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The Thrill of an Unrushed Yes / Ch. 15 – Pages 179 to 189

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Today’s post comes to us from the host of The Intentional Filling, Bree Blum.

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Though I have my own townhouse filled with my own furniture and own things, I often spend my evenings at my parent’s house surrounded by the familiarity and comfort of their furniture and their things because living alone can sometimes be lonely.  The irony in that is we’re all introverts so though we’re all together, most evenings are spent in front of various screens, TVs, iPhones, iPads or laptops, each tuned into some source of entertainment or task awaiting completion.

But we’re together and there is comfort in that.

My mom, hands down, is one of my favorite people on this planet.  We’ve had our differences over the years, but I’ve grown to love and appreciate all that she does and sacrifices for our family.  In the midst of her awesomeness, she has a tendency to launch in a full-length conversation as you stand posed at the door, hand on the knob, ready to leave to wherever.  It’s as if she enjoys the power she has over keeping you hostage for a bit longer!  Haha!

The other night it happened just like the countless times before, but there was something different about this captivity.  Sure I stood in the door to my parent’s kitchen with winter coat, scarf and toboggan on my head, and my purse slung over my shoulder.  Sure I had a blog post waiting to be written and clothes that needed laid out for the morning.  But I didn’t internally roll my eyes over this conversation, I enjoyed every slightly sweaty moment of it!

With the big decisions weighing heavily on my heart over the prospective position at the church camp I grew up at, my parents and I fell into an easy discussion of my thoughts and how this position would differ from my time working there in the past.

Then the conversation turned towards a Biblical discussion on the power of the gospel, the difference between works-based and grace-based faith, and how we have all grown into our faith over time.  And it was the easiest, most comfortable and impassioned discussion that I’ve had about my faith in a long time, with two people who never openly speak about their faith and understanding of scripture.

“Connecting with those we love is like soul food.  It’s not that we don’t have tasks to do, but rather that we don’t fill up with tasks at the risk of starving our relationships.  Relationships nourish us in ways nothing else can.  It’s the relationships that help unrush us.” – The Best Yes, Pg. 182

The conversation was so good, I didn’t want it to end.

Quote from The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst via The Imperfect Vessel Book Study - imperfectvessel.com

“Conversational threads are what make up the fabric of relationships.  We must take time – make time – to talk.”  – Lysa TerKeurst

Had I rushed out the door, as I had originally planned and hurried home to my empty house, I would have missed out on such a touching conversation; one that I will cherish for time to come.

Just like the quote from Louie Giglio that Lysa shared in this chapter says,

“Whenever you say yes to something, there is less of you for something else.  Make sure your yes is worth the less.” – Pg. 189

It’s time to start scheduling in downtime; a time to invest in the lives of others instead of allowing the rush of society to sweep us away.

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What unrushed yeses have you been putting off?

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