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It’s so hard to believe that we’ve completed FOUR WEEKS together already! ย (Five if you count the pre-study connection!) ย But I am so happy to have a few more weeks to spend with you as we continue working to surrender our fears to our Maker.

This week we learned:

  • That sometimes our equation for achieving success gets in the way of God working in our lives. ย We busy ourselves in order to get things done, but end up pushing the things that matter most out of the way. ย Lara calls us to reevaluate our time spent and see how we can be more intentional in how we live.
  • Kim shared a beautiful and very open post with us about allowing grace to come in to those broken places. ย It’s hard to accept grace sometimes because we don’t feel as though we deserve it, but it’s by allowing this free gift to enter in, that we’re able to begin living life on PURPOSE and for God’s purpose.
  • That even when the waters get choppy we can rest in the assurance that God is always with us. ย That by surrendering controlย we can finally begin to His hand at work bringing you safely to the shore of His will.

Here’s a list of the highlights fromย Week Four:

What toย Read

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What to Watch

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What to Listen to

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What to Share

  • Week Fourย Photo Challenge Pic: Use #BeBrave
  • Week Fourย Verse Mapping Challenge: Jeremiah 29:11 – Use #IntentionalFilling #VerseMapping
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How to Connect

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Tools & Resources

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Questions or Need Clarification?

Send them here: bree@imperfectvessel.com

[divider type=”dashed” color=”grey”] [row-start] [three-fourths]Bree Blum is a 32 year old cardigan-wearing blogger who loves Jesus. ย She lives in Wheeling, WV where she serves in her church as a sign language interpreter and works full time as an Administrative Assistant for a technology firm. ย She has a passion for women’s ministry and speaking life into others despite her own introverted tendencies.

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