Bound Up Pieces of Paper

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I have a confession to make.  I like big books.  I cannot lie.  It’s true.  I cannot be trusted in libraries or bookstores.  I have even been known to take friends with me to the bookstore so they can hold me accountable for the amount of money I spend there.  I like books.

And though I like books, sometimes I find myself buying more books than I have time to read.  I’ve got a knack for filling up a bookcase with books with perfectly crisp pages and unbroken spines that are begging to be opened…and they sit there, sometimes for months.  Sometimes for years.

So in order to break myself of this habit and also to share with you some books that I think would be encouraging, inspiring or just good for a laugh, I thought for the rest of summer (which may lead into fall…or longer) I’d share my thoughts and a brief review on books that I’m reading or have recently read.

Maybe this is just a way to ensure that my shelves get cleared now and again and that I’m actually putting these bound up pieces of paper to use, rather than allowing them to continue to go neglected as they collect dust.

Maybe it’s just because I want to share some nuggets of wisdom with you from these incredible authors.

Or maybe it’s because it’s another way for me to be transparent with you and show you just what kind of things get to me and get me.

Whatever the purpose behind this, I hope you enjoy.  I hope you feel inspired.  

And I hope you’ll consider picking up one of those treasures on your book shelf that has gone unnoticed for a while.  I hope you’ll crack it open and drink in all that it has to offer.  

And I hope you’ll sigh a beautiful breath of release when you come to find a story that gets you too!

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  1. I understand how you feel in bookstores and libraries 🙂 My husband had a shirt made for me online that says, “I like big books, and I cannot lie.”
    I just started reading your blog not too long ago. This is my 1st time posting here, just to say hi. I think you are from WV, right? If so, we are both mountaineers.

    1. Ooops, sorry for the delay in responding! So great to find a fellow mountaineer! Welcome, welcome! I love that saying (I want to get a tote bag with that on it, naturally to tote my books around in, haha!) so great!

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