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Rooted in the Word – Episode 04: Root Yourself in the Word

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Listen to the episode | 12.5-minutes

Have you ever learned something that made you love someone more?

You think you know the person, their favorite pastimes, and their character.  But then you get to see them in their element, and it makes you fall in love with them all over again?

Learning about the cultural influences of the Bible, the historical background, and even the landscape that the beloved people of God traversed, can open your eyes to details that leave you slack-jawed.

Context matters.

Welcome back to the Rooted in the Word series!  Did you enjoy last episodeโ€™s battle of the Biblical Idioms?  It was so fun having Gloria and Paige on the podcast and for the opportunity to learn about the importance of understanding the original language of Scripture.  It really does make a difference doesnโ€™t it?

Today weโ€™re going to crack open the impossibly thin pages of Scripture, to further explore the importance of studying the context of the Bible.

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