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Day Seven // The Best Yes

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Analysis Paralysis / Ch. 7 – Pages 62 to 76

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Today’s post comes to us from guest blogger, Rebecca Honorรฉ.

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I was at my breaking point. Did we make the right decision? What if it was the wrong decision? Do we need to ride out this season of waiting?ย  God what do you want us to do?

A few weeks had passed since we made a leap of faith and decided to sell our home.ย  This was probably our third or fourth attempt and we were determined to not back out, so we asked to live with my parents as we made the transition from one home to another.

Several months earlier we made the decision to become debt free.ย  In our attempts to live outside of the norm, we decided to sell our tiny home in a great neighborhood, in order to help us achieve that dream.ย  The whole time I thought, โ€œI can do this. It wonโ€™t be so bad.โ€

However, after a stressful transition with two young children and three large dogs into my parentsโ€™ home, I was overwhelmed.ย  I had accepted my first full time position since leaving the workforce to have children, and all of those changes brought about a fear and anxiety that I have never experienced before.

I was paralyzed. ย My husband and I had exhausted every option in our heads; do we stick through selling our house? Do we move back into the house and just get more jobs to work off debt? ย At this point the only thing to do was to take a leap of faith and make a decision. We prayed, we sought out advice, and counsel from others.ย  I thought that choosing the โ€œrightโ€ decision would be easy.

That was the problem, it wasnโ€™t! Not only was it not easy, the house was taking a long time to sell.ย  I wanted my home; I wanted my comfort zone back.ย  My fear wanted me to be stuck.ย  Satan wanted us to be stuck.

In my journal for that day I begged and pleaded, โ€œPlease God, if we are meant to sell our house, let it sell today.โ€ย  And then, in the midst of doubt, I went back and changed my time frame to โ€œthis weekโ€, as if I didnโ€™t have faith that God could do what I had asked.

I had been stuck in a place of fear.ย  I wanted to be brave, to move forward from the bar that I was clinging to. But as Lysa mentions in the chapter, Analysis Paralysis, I had become stuck; my fear was holding me to that first bar.ย  My choices were to take a leap and trust God to get me to the next bar rather than hit the ground.

I think God knows when He needs to toss us a bone, in order to remind us that He knows the greater picture, and that fear is only something that will hold us back.ย  That night, we had an offer on our house.

We are still in the midst of closing on our old house, and I am not sure what God has in store for us.ย  What I do know is that letting go of that fear and realizing that God will work good in us, in any situation, is all I need.ย  Iโ€™m holding on to hope.ย  Hope, that no matter what happens in the coming months, that He has a bigger plan and is using each step to complete a piece of that masterpiece.

Quote from The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst via The Imperfect Vessel Book Study - imperfectvessel.com

“If I’m trusting myself, I will stare at all the possible ways I could fail. ย If I’m trusting God, I will stare at all the possible ways He’ll use this whether I fail or succeed.” ย – Lysa TerKeurst

Where we are at right now may not be as glamorous as we might hope for, and I know there will be many more decisions to make, but I know that God will guide me, even when no โ€œright decisionโ€ is clear.

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Rebecca Honore is married to a wonderful and devoted husband who sacrifices daily in allowing her to stay home with her two beautiful little girls and three big dogs. ย She strives to encourage others and keep her focus and hope on The Lord in all seasons of life. ย Did you enjoy her post? ย Be sure to leave a comment below for Rebecca and connect with her on Facebookย and see what she’s pinning on Pinterest.

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