Week Four // Facebook Discussion

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Just when you think that Lysa has hit every point on decision making and saying our BEST YES, she blows us out of the water with another chapter (make that three)! ย I’m still reeling from the challenges she’s thrown down, the personal stories that have me nodding my head and the way she brings everything back to glorifying God. ย Uh so good!

And what’s even gooder better is that we’re getting together tonight to discuss what we’ve read in Chapters 8 – 10! ย And I cannot wait to hear your thoughts!

If you have not done so already, you’ll want to head over to Facebook today and submit your request to join the exclusive group so you can participate in our group discussion this evening!

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Join the Community – Exclusive Facebook Group


So you’ll be fully preparedย in time for the discussion at 9 PM EST tonight (2/12):

  • Be sure to have as much of this week’s reading done (Ch. 8-10)
  • Select your favorite quote(s) from this week’s reading assignment
  • Set an alarm (if you’re forgetful/busy like me) so you don’t miss the start of our hour long discussion group – 9 PM EST
  • Get your heart and your mind ready for a lot of fun, a giveaway, and some beautiful moments shared within this community – it’s ALWAYS a great time!

Hope to see you there!

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