Week Two Photo Challenge // Best Yes

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Do you remember the days where you had to lug around a bulky camera and backup film?  What about those crazy disposable cameras that were all the rage in the mid to late 90s?  Am I dating myself here?

It’s incredible to think how far technology has come in the last couple of decades!  Today we can snap an image, throw a hashtag (using what used to be called a number sign or pound sign in front of a caption) along with it and within seconds it can be seen around the world.  There’s no waiting a week to get your double prints back from Rite-Aid or hanging around Walmart for their one-hour photo specials.  Everything is instantaneous!

So let’s put this fancy technology to use with a photo challenge!

Weekly Photo Challenge with The Intentional Filling community - www.imperfectvessel.com

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So what’s the challenge?

Even though every BEST YES decision deserves to be celebrated, I will be selecting the top two most creative images and these individuals will receive an extra entry into the giveaway that will take place during our Thursday evening Facebook discussion!  The top images will be announced on Thursday morning via Facebook.

Go get creative!  I can’t wait to see how you define a BEST YES decision!

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