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You made it!  And so did I!  Whew!  This has to have been one of the most trying times for this blog and I GREATLY appreciate your patience as it appeared to be in shambles (or flat out out of commission) over the weekend.  Keep reading to find out what’s going on currently here at The Imperfect Vessel.



Thinking About // My bank account got hit hard last week. No fraud alerts, it was just me getting sick of dealing with the BS of my blog’s host and their ongoing limitations. It cost a lot of money up front, but I’m finally on WordPress (hence the new & somewhat unfinished look)! I’m pretty excited to be here where I’ll be able to provide a more impactful place of the web for you to visit. What are YOUR thoughts? Feel free to sound off in the comments on what you think of the new platform. Honesty is the best policy and will help me to grow this place into one a place of comfort.

Reading // I just finished The Martian Friday night and I simply cannot wait until it comes out in theaters (yes, they are making it a movie!) next year. The premise of a book about a man stranded on Mars sounds terrifying, but the off-the-wall sense of humor and sheer genius of this character really made the book hard to put down. (Not a sponsored review, I just loved it this much!)

Praying For // As I mentioned last week I’m struggling to find the inspiration needed to prepare all that is ahead for this book study, but God is faithful and He has been, and will continue to provide the words and scriptures that I need for leading this exciting event. My prayers still remain focused on becoming a vessel that would be used to speak the words that He needs His girls to hear. And my prayers don’t stop there, I am also praying fervently that each of the participant’s hearts will be softened to the message He is preparing to deliver through me.

I love you ladies (and gentlemen – you’re welcome to participate too!) and I am beyond excited and honored to lead you towards a life lived bravely!

Listening To // “You Make Me Brave” by Bethel on repeat!! It’s so fitting for the upcoming book study, but it’s also on repeat because it is an incredibly moving song. We performed it (I interpreted) for the first time at church yesterday and it was really well received.

It’s also been a great reminder for me that no matter how much this world seems to be against us sometimes, He is for us. He created a way through His humble,  sacrificial death on a cross and glorious rising from the dead, for us to be reunited to Him. Not only now in the presence of His spirit, but for all eternity.

Planning // The fall book study on “Let’s All Be Brave” starting Sept. 21st of course, but also some home improvement and sprucing up. I’ve lived in my 2-bedroom townhouse for over two years and it’s only been recently that I’ve had the courage to pound some nails in the walls to decorate somewhat. That is going to continue (note/warning: once you hammer in the first nail, it gets easier and somewhat addictive!) as I work on making my bedroom more of a haven. And soon I’ll be working on covering up the old-lady-lipstick pink walls in my bathroom before repainting them a nice creamy coffee color!!


Sponsor Spotlight

Now I’d love to introduce you to one of the lovelies hanging out with me this month!  Make sure you check out her blog and follow her on social media.











Jamie blogs over at The Celebrating Momma and I asked her to answer a few questions about her little corner of the web.  Here are her answers:

I started blogging to help keep record of the big and little events in our lives. I am the worst at keeping up with a baby book or scrapbook so I figured I would start blogging. I am amazed at how much I love it. It has become so much more than just away for me to journal. I love inspiring others to celebrate life.

My favorite thing would have to be the community that you build. I love being encouraged by others and also being able to encourage others and remind them that life really is worth celebrating!

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    1. Aww, thanks Ann! I appreciate your kind words and compliments! For your sweetness, go out and get an iced coffee with pumpkin flavoring (it saves calories/fat & tastes just as good as an iced PSL)!

      1. I’m not sure if this sounds tasty or not. It does sound like somtehing they’d have at Honeydukes candy store in the Harry Potter books. I wonder if it could taste like pumpkin pie with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves added.

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