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Counting Up to Christmas

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Welcome back for the fifth edition of our blog series called “Grow Your Faith”. Today we’ll be looking at a practice that I started last year that was extremely rewarding and a peace-filled way to prepare my heart and mind for Christmas, and a resource that will only further enhance the experience.

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Last year, while scrolling through the never-ending Black Friday promotions on social media, I came across a post that really sparked my interest. No, it wasn’t touting half off the latest gadget or some bougie accessory.

It was an invitation to a different kind of experience leading up to Christmas Day.

2019, the precursor for 2020, was what I thought to be a difficult year… little did I know what was in store, so at the time of this discovery, I was eager for a more positive and Christ-centered focus for the Christmas season.

This invitation would lead me to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas as I read one chapter of the twenty-four chapters in the Gospel of Luke every day in December, starting with the birth of Christ and ending with His resurrection. What a rewarding and peace-filled way to prepare to receive Christ on Christmas Day!

A New Christmas Practice

I have been so excited to share this practice with the Intentional Filling Community this year, so when another invitation presented itself, that would only enhance this experience, I chuckled to myself as I thanked God for His divine appointments.

This year’s invitation comes in the form of a beautiful devotional by Jennifer Elwood, Counting Up to Christmas: 24 Gifts from the Gospel of Luke.

How to Use the Devotional

Jennifer’s devotional incorporates the practice of reading a chapter of the Gospel of Luke each day beginning December 1st, but she expands on the experience through imagery (often of the locations described in the daily Scripture passage), prayer, a practice of “Christmas Quietude”, and my personal favorite, worship.

She has incorporated a space for reflection and journaling, and as a busy woman of faith herself, kept each thoughtful entry short so that our focus can remain on the passage of Luke.

One of the things that I love most about this devotional is the personal experience that we’re invited in, as we step into the story of Jesus, through a historical and cultural view that Jennifer has learned during her time exploring Israel. What a gift to receive this perspective as we stand in the 21st century!

And each day in December, we find ourselves on the receiving end of a new gift from Luke’s Gospel.

  • The Gift of Prayer
  • The Gift of Jesus’ Birth
  • The Gift of Our True Father
  • The Gift of Freedom
  • The Gift of Healing
  • The Gift of Reconciliation
  • and 18 more!

How to Begin Counting Up to Christmas

Counting Up to Christmas: 24 Gifts from the Gospel of Luke is now available from Amazon.

In fact, now through December 4th, get the Kindle version for only $0.99!

Grab the Kindle version (available on select devices or through the Kindle for PC) or a paperback copy, and join me in a new way of looking ahead to Christmas, by counting UP!

Want to learn more about the inspiration behind the devotional and get to know the author?
Listen to our interview with Jennifer Elwood on the Let’s Grow Podcast!

“You will see a difference in your Spirit, your inner-peace, because when you open up the Word, God just fills your soul.”

jennifer elwood | quote from the “let’s grow podcast”

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Counting Up to Christmas: A New Way to Prepare Him Room This Christmas | Intentional Filling

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