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We know it’s easy (and a lot of fun) to buy a new Bible PLUS all of the pretty highlighters, pens, and stickers, but when it gets down to the nitty-gritty of actually studying the Bible—it’s NOT so simple!

It’s possible to gain a deeper understanding of the heart of God, but finding connections between the Old and New Testaments requires dedication, intentionality, and a strategy to connect the dots.

Intentional Filling is here to help you open your Bible and find a whole new understanding by intentionally studying the context of Scripture!

  • “No matter where you are in your faith, there’s encouragement to find in this community, and a commitment to better Bible study by going deeper into the context of Scripture.”

    – Jenny Ann Fulton
Women learning to intentionally study the context of Scripture through a Hebraic perspective to better know the heart of God.

– Quality over Quantity
– Rooted in Truth
– Biblical Context Matters
– Never Stop Learning
– Seek God in ALL Things

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The majority of the leadership team has a background in Education and LOVES to help others learn & grow
to their fullest abilities.

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Talk about the context of Scripture,
or pretty office supplies.

Books vs. Bible Study

We’re a bunch of bibliophiles around here, but books are ALWAYS supplemental to the Word of God.
Jesus first!

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We fiercely love our people.
Become part of our people
and you’ll quickly find out!

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Small talk. Or ending conversations
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On the Bucket List

Exploring the Land of the Bible
with Kristi McLelland as
our tour guide!

Get to know the women
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You may be wondering…

In our seasonal Online Biblical Studies, we read non-fiction books to supplement the Word of God as we seek to learn and deepen our understanding of His Word and His heart for His people.

The books that are selected focus on gaining insight from Scripture based on its cultural, historical, geographical, and linguistic context.

Each of our studies consists of:
– weekly blog posts corresponding to the assigned reading
– access to our exclusive online community for weekly discussions
– free resources and printable content
– invitation to join women around the globe in weekly Zoom calls

Don’t be surprised if you find that you fall a little more in love with Jesus, too!

Bree Blum, the Ministry Leader + Community Connector, has been blogging about her faith since 2012, and through it, the question was posed to her, “Have you ever considered leading a book study?”

Bree’s immediate response was, “I don’t think I have the following necessary to make something like that happen.”

But that’s the thing with God, He doesn’t care about how many followers you have, if He wants to use you to further His kingdom, He’ll find a way to do just that.

So as she tried to squash the idea, a whisper told her heart that everyone strives to be intentionally filled by something and that this study could help many to close that gap.  The whisper didn’t let up.  It said that a community of believers that encouraged one another could help many to find ways to intentionally fill those gaps in a manner that is pleasing to the Creator that placed them within. Thus Intentional Filling was born.

See Intentional Filling’s timeline from conception to now.

Intentional Filling believes in quality over quantity, so our products are priced in a manner to ensure you receive the most value for your money. Our apparel and study items are designed, handcrafted, and shipped by the Intentional Filling leadership team.

We have curated a number of items to help support your growth and confidence in sharing your faith with others.

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Looking to deepen your faith & strengthen your relationship with God? Struggle to understand the Bible and wish you could be more confident in reading its complex passages?

Together let’s explore the roots of our faith by intentionally studying the context of Scripture (through its cultural, historical, geographical, political, religious, and linguistic influences) to root ourselves in the Word and to better know the heart of God!

Our Facebook group, Biblical Context Matters, an exclusive learning community for women, is the perfect place for you to wrestle with the hard questions of faith, as well as to connect with and learn from women from around the globe who are interested in seeing God more clearly through His Word.

Join us to explore the roots of our faith and why Biblical context matters–as we pursue the heart of God through His Word, and discover that He is better than we ever imagined!

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