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Ready to broaden your understanding & deepen your relationship with God?
Get to know the ministry of Intentional Filling and how we can support your
learning and exploration of faith through studying the context of Scripture.

The Bible was given to us that we might know who the living God is, what He’s like, and what it is like to walk with Him – to know Him.

Kristi McLelland

Bible Study Tools from a
Middle Eastern Lens

Our list of resources will help you to build a library of tools that will help you to explore Scripture in a NEW, exciting, rich, and transformative way – through its historical, cultural, geographical, political, and religious context!


Online Biblical Studies

Join a community of women from around the globe as we intentionally study
the context of Scripture. When you become an active member, you’ll receive:

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Let your roots grow down into Him, and let your lives be built on Him.
Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.

Colossians 2:7, NLT

Back to the Bible Basics Online Course | Intentional Filling

Back to the Bible Basics
Online Course (Free)

Gain a deeper understanding & appreciation for the Word of God by exploring its context. This course is perfect for beginners or those looking
for a refresher on Biblical foundations!

Join our Online Learning Community + be part of the conversation about why Biblical Context Matters | Intentional Filling

Biblical Context Matters
Learning Community

We’ve created a safe & authentic space
on Facebook for you to ask ALL of the hard questions and receive support in your personal growth of faith from like-minded women from around the globe!

Celebrating our Roots Card Set - Learn Hebrew |

Celebrating our Roots
Hebrew Terms Card Set

Want to learn a little Hebrew to help you better connect with the language of the Bible? We offer two sets of cards as a great place to start, complete with the meaning & Hebrew script!

What Community Members Are Saying:

“While Intentional Filling is small in size, it’s huge in heart. Your love for Bible Study from the Middle Eastern Lens is evident, as is your love for wanting women to be in the Word alongside you, studying the context of the Biblical narrative. Your ministry is truly genuine and I am grateful to have come across it.”

valerie mckee

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