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Rooted in the Word – Episode 06: A Bountiful Harvest

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Listen to the episode | 10-minutes

Welcome back to the Rooted in the Word Series for our sixth and final episode of the series!

For the last 4 years, my mom and I have been selling our handmade pottery at our neighborhood farmers market.  It started as a necessity to be able to offload some of our work, because our wares inundated our homes.  But we’ve really grown to love it.

It is a lot of hard work, lugging heavy totes full of mugs and bowls, and the odd Eggel (a piece you can pour your egg mixture in and microwave, that creates a hole in the middle so that it perfectly fits on your ready and waiting bagel). 

We’ve really grown to love connecting with our customers and to hear their stories of how they’ve used or gifted our work, week after week.  Though the work leaves us hot and sweaty, we’ve realized what a blessing it is to be a part of this community gathering.

Watching our farmer friends unload their trucks full of fresh produce and customers scurrying to get the last ripened tomatoes, we get to see first-hand the beauty of a bountiful harvest.

Today is our final episode, and I’ll admit that it’s rather bittersweet, kind of like the fresh strawberry rhubarb pies I buy from Elizabeth at the farmers market.

Tune in today and learn about our faith’s roots in sharing our harvest and how you can begin to do so more confidently as well.

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