An 8-week study starting September 8, 2024

Jewish Tradition & Christian Interpretation

“The Parables” by Brad Young

One-third of Jesus’ words in the Synoptic Gospels are written in parables.

While parables are timeless, interpretations and translations
have distorted the original meanings and undermined
Jesus’ intention for His original audience.

What if you could understand these stories more
clearly and get to know Jesus better in the process?

Our Biblical Studies are focused on coming together as a community of like-minded, Jesus-loving gals to learn and grow in our faith, by exploring the Biblical context of Scripture.

  • Explore the importance of first-century Judaism as the very stage from which Jesus delivered the message of the kingdom
  • Learn the historical development and theological significance of parables 
  • Examines five theological subjects that are dealt with in parables: prayer, grace, reconciliation, calling, and sovereignty

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Format of our Studies

01 – our private Facebook group for weekly posts

02 – the study Newsletter via email

03 – weekly blog posts + podcast episodes

04 – weekly Zoom calls with fellow sisters in Christ

Materials Needed:

  • An open heart to receive what the Lord has for you in this study!
  • Your favorite translation(s) of the Bible
  • Highlighters and your favorite pens
  • Access to the internet + Facebook
  • A copy of The Parables by Brad Young


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