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Episode 54: Wealth of the Wilderness with Rebekah Joy

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Listen to the episode | 49.5-minutes

“…We are always close to a wilderness season by way of being in one, emerging from one, or heading into one.  This reality affirms the importance of actively choosing postures that position us to receive the wealth God has for us in and through wilderness seasons.”

This is a quote from the author, Rebekah Joy, who we’ve been blessed to learn from these last six weeks through her study, Wealth of the Wilderness: A Middle Eastern Pathway for Transformation Through Difficult Seasons.

And I’m excited to share that the Intentional Filling community was able to wrap up this study in the BEST way possible by sitting down and chatting with Rebekah. We were able to ask some great follow-up questions and even learn an incredible bit of insight into the life and ministry of the apostle Paul, that she learned in her recent travels.

This conversation is long, but it is one that I’m still in awe of, that we were able to be a part of.

So grab your notebook, cause you’re gonna want it to take all the notes, and sit back and enjoy this conversation with Rebekah Joy, the author of Wealth of the Wilderness.

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Wealth of the Wilderness | Rebekah Joy

A 6-week study to develop halakha—Hebrew for “a way of walking and living”—that positions us to inherit the unique riches available in and through wilderness seasons. Ten postures form the framework of Wealth of the Wilderness, each with a relevant Hebrew word as its foundation.

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