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Never-ending to do lists, overwhelmed schedules, and running ragged from the side effects of the disease to please; I get it! From one dark-circles-that-never-go-away woman to another, I fully understand!

Here we are in the year 2015, a world of technology and instant-gratification, yet we seem to be working harder rather than using the advancements from recent years to allow ourselves to slow down and take notice of life happening around us.

And then I asked you to add one more thing to your schedule by participating in this 8-week book study, and I’m thankful that you agreed to join me, but how are you possibly going to make it all work?

That is where The Best Yes comes in.  This book, from best-selling author Lysa TerKeurst, is going to be the most important book (next to the Bible, of course) in your life for the next few weeks, as it guides you in learning how to change your way of thinking, planning, and doing life, with more intention and ease.

Are you ready for some of that?  I thought so!  Let’s get started!

Week One Schedule

Download the weekly schedule for quick reference.

So now that you’re all excited (you are excited, right?) what can you do to get ready for what I hope will be an experience that changes the way you think, behave, and believe in yourself and your Creator? 

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You will also want to gather the following materials so you’ll be all set to begin:

  • Notebook or the Winter Study Journal
  • Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Washi tape or anything else fun to decorate your entries
  • A copy of The Best Yes (hard copy or Kindle version)
  • An electronic device that allows you to access the internet (smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC)
  • An open heart and mind

Tomorrow starts Day One of our reading, so feel free to get a head-start as we jump right into chapter one, Check the Third Box.

** Please note that you should have received an email (view it here) on 1/16, as a way to welcome you to the community.  Please be sure to add bree@imperfectvessel.com to your address list to ensure that the study emails do not end up in your junk/spam folder.  Thanks!**

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Disclaimer for The Best Yes:
This book will cause you to laugh, cry, be challenged, be frustrated, and grow exponentially in your faith and understanding of who you are, and who the One that came to save is.  By March 12, 2015, you will be saying your BEST YES to Christ alone!

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