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“A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.” – Denis Waitley


Thinking About // ย Singleness…ย There are days that I am confident withย my marital status (and naked ring finger), and then there are days that I struggle to keep my eyes dry. Loneliness and aching for something more than an empty apartment (which recently gotย brand new, really stinkin’ cute drapes) makes it hard to keep my head above the waters.

Despite all of the pity parties I tend to throw for myself, I have incredible friends who are really good at allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through them to mend my aching heart. ย And even if I haven’t met some of you face to face, I am forever grateful toย God that put you on my path and allowed us to grow alongside one another, even at a distance!

Reading //ย Let’s All Be Braveย by Annie F. Downs for the fall book study I’m hosting. ย We finished week one and I’m not sure I can accurately express how blessed I feel that this group of women decided to join me in reading this book and supporting one another in taking brave steps daily. ย If you’re interested in joining this study (and catching up with us) it’s not too late – sign up now!

Praying For // God and I have been chatting a lot lately. ย It seems like there are so many transitions taking place in my life and in the lives of my friends. ย Uncertainty and looking ahead to an unknown future is frightening sometimes. ย But what a privilege it is to be able to go to God with these concerns, to express what is on my heart and to know that He cares to listen.

Prayers that His will will reign in the hearts of His people (my own and precious friends of mine). ย That peace would be poured out in times of difficulty and disappointment when humanness takes hold and we feel as though the ground beneath us is crumbling. ย And for a trust that goes beyond understanding that whatever He has planned for us will be better than we can imagine or hope for.

Planning // My house has been receiving a bit of a makeover. ย It’s about time that I slapped some color on some walls and decor on others. ย The Nesting Place really helped me to see that I don’t need to wait until I’m in my “forever home” to make my house into a place I can be proud to call home. ย Out with the dorm room essence and in with the grown-up-a-thirty-something-lives-here vibe! ย Looking forward to sharing some of the updates with you soon!

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