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We’re More Alike Than You Think + Thought-spirations

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Last night I sat in my recliner with my laptop perched upon the arm rest (that sucker gets hot) and typed out 2 prayers and 5 questions. ย And the response I received was astounding!

It wasn’t a miraculous response as in the story of 2 loaves and 5 fish (John 6:1-14), but it was pretty awe-inspiring all the same.

We're More Alike Than You Think

As you may have read, I recently launched my first seasonal book study. ย Let’s say that the concept of taking a brave step forward as we readย Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downsย can be crossed off my to-do list, I’ve got that coveredย asย taking on this kind of project by myself scared the beejeezus outta me! ย And I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

Going into the study, I really wasn’t sure how to set it all up and frankly I didn’t write a single blog post until the night before each of them were due to be published this week. ย That devil has beenย dancing all over my back, but I’ve continued praying, mainly that no matter what takes place in this study, that the group will be able to become a sense of community, where everyone feels comfortable sharing some hard truths and will be a place ofย encouragement and support for one another.

And last night, as I shared 2 prayers and 5 questions, God did not disappoint. ย He is working. ย He is faithful. ย And he is so GOOD!

And what I learned in the short hour that we spent together is that even though we’re all facing our own battles, and striving to overcome different challenges in our lives, that really weย areย more alike than we think.

The commonalities among the nine women who attended the online event were made so clear and any of the walls that each of us were desperately trying to keep erected came crashing down. The hard truths came spilling forth and the bold braveness of each of them shone through their vulnerability.

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Time for your weeklyย thought-spirations…

Blogging & Writing

The Writer’s Guide: Oxford Comma – Hello Neverland
That mysterious comma, you know the one that resides in a list of three or more, such as: “I cannot wait for fall to arrive, not only because it is my favorite season, but because of apple cider, pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING, and the colors.” ย Do you use it? ย Is it really necessary? ย Kenzie has some words on this and other great grammar tips <– girl after my own heart!

Science Shoes Something Surprising About People Who Love to Write – Mic.com
I began blogging for therapeutic reasons almost two years ago. ย I did it as a way to just get my thoughts out on paper (or screen), but I had no idea that there were health benefits to this. ย Who knew!?!

Thought Inspiring Words

A Future and A Hope – Liv Migenes
“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. ย To give you a hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11 – It’s a familiar verse, one that I’ve heard and accepted as comfort many times. ย It’s also a verse that Liv drew a stronger and more beautiful meaning from than I ever considered.

The Thrill of an Unrushed Yes – Lysa Terkeurst
My sweet friend, Sam tagged me on this post (she can be seen on the left in the picture above). ย Yes it was a virtual acknowledgment, but I am so blessed to have friendships such asย her’s and Sarah’s (pictured in the center, above)ย that is less pixilated, where we can seek weekly face-to-face time. Thank you for these moments and Jesus help me seek more of these unrushed moments in my every day life. ย Amen.

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