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If you’ve visited lately you probably heard the sound of crickets… okay not really, but it’s been quiet. ย Too quiet! ย But I’m back and feeling much more capable of writing in this space.


Quite frankly, what has been currently going on has been a bit overwhelming. ย Let me tell you about it…

Thinking About // I’ve talked about singleness quite a bit in this space and most of the time I’ve been able to be pretty positive about my marital status. ย I have also tried to encourage othersย to focus on using this time wisely, just as I am, by working on strengthening my relationship with the Lord rather than an earthly man. ย Lately things have changed and the struggle to seek after the Lord has been difficult.

Two weeks ago was one of the most trying weeks I think I’ve ever experienced, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. ย What a roller coaster! ย I’ve thought about dedicating a full post to it, but it’s really not something that I want to hash out andย risk ruining my laptop with the flood of tears that wouldย be cried. ย Let’s just say that spiritual warfare is real and it’s not something that I ever wish to endure again.

Reading //ย Radical* by David Platt was recommended to me by a dear friend. ย He and I have had some very real and thought provoking discussions regarding our faith and what God really desires for our lives. ย This book has taken those ideas a step further and has challenged my faith and caused me to take a hard look at myself andย what I thought I knew about my role as a Christian. ย I highly recommend this book for anyone who has found that their faith is growing stale, or are on the cusp of taking your faith one step further but find yourself doubting.

Praying For // My sweet friend who gave birth to her second child today (Congrats Crystal!). ย For a friend of mine who is working to overcome some personal battles. ย For the participants of my book study as they continue to trust in the Lord and His calling upon their lives. ย For the scary situations of the contractions of Ebola and the respiratory virus that is affecting children. ย And for myself, that I may trust in the Lord and that I may continue to strive towards what He desires for me and my life.

Loving // Lately I decided to take “jump on the bandwagon” and try essential oils. ย Fellow blogger, Jana fromย Life Could Be A Dream, has helped me to see this approach to health in a much more positive way. ย She has been extremely helpful in answering my questions and was kind enough to send some samples my way so that I could try out a few before splurging on the full bottles.

I’m loving that the daily headaches that I’ve had have nearly subsided and I have managed to remain healthy while the rest of my office went through the flu and colds over the last few weeks. doTERRA On Guard is my new friend!

Planning // Still working on some touches to spruce up the house in order to get it ready for my family who is coming to visit over the holidays (and for me too, I guess!), so stay tuned for an update on what all I’ve been working on. ย There’s still some major clean up that needs to be done in the back bedroom, but progress is being made and I cannot stress enough how this has helped to alleviate stress and anxiety in this area of my life!


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I love helping women find peace in their hearts and peace in their homes. A Virtuous Woman is a ministry for women based on Proverbs 31. My favorite part about running A Virtuous Woman is the writing, but my favorite thing is getting to know my readers and reading their emails and comments! A Virtuous Woman offers women thousands of practical ideas they can apply to their lives today. Because being a Proverbs 31 Woman isn’t about being perfect. It’s about living life with purpose.

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  1. 3 blog posts in one day?! Eek!! My hat’s off to you girl!! Sounds like you’ve certainly been busy and while spiritual warfare is part of our Christian lives, I pray you’ll be the stronger for it for the next round *virtual hugs*

    1. Haha, I actually wrote four (one is scheduled to post in about 15 minutes!), but thank you! And thank you for the prayers, they are most appreciated! *virtual hugs right back*

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