Week Three // The Best Yes

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How many times have you sat down to a meal only to finish and find that you are left wanting more?  Whatever you choose to squash the feeling, second helpings or dessert, there’s still an ache, a hunger that desires to be satisfied.

How many more times have we ached with a longing for something in our lives and with our best attempts try to fulfill it?  Maybe it’s the desire to further our education; to find a God-loving man to settle down with; to start a family either naturally or through adoption; or something else entirely different, but equally life-changing.  And we chase after these desires, desperately trying to calm them with our best efforts.

But have you ever stopped to think that these desires, these aches for something more, and that hunger within is really a desperate cry for something more than this life can offer?  And more importantly it is not by our own efforts that we can satisfy the emptiness inside.

Week Three Schedule

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This week we have two chapters that allow us a glimpse into the importance of not settling for an easy answer.  Instead it is worthwhile to go the extra measure in ensuring that our decisions include a plan, one that God needs to be a part of, to ensure that we end up in the places that are best for us.

This week you’ll be introduced to another guest blogger for The Intentional Filling. What a blessing it is to hear the voices of other community members and to be given a glimpse into their perspectives of The Best Yes.  (If you would be interested in guest blogging for any of our later chapters, please email me!)

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