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Rooted in the Word – Episode 05: Pruning and Refining

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Listen to the episode | 16.5-minutes

Welcome back to the Rooted in the Word Series for our fifth episode!

Recently I was asked how we choose what books we study at Intentional Filling.

The short answer: reading LOTS of book reviews on Amazon and spending time in prayer.

The not-so-short answer: We used to choose new and up-coming nonfiction books from Christian celebrities — and there’s nothing wrong with that, but last fall I felt convicted about leading a women’s ministry that didn’t center itself around Scripture.

So after a lot of prayer and several discussions with the IF Leadership team, we decided to make the change to nonfiction books that point our study members back to the Word, to do some digging and research of their own, instead of just taking someone else’s word at face value.

And that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about today – the purpose of pruning, not only in your garden but also in your faith journey.

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