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Weekend Madness

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PictureFunky hair, meet funky shades!

I started my weekend out right, with a trim to the uber-cute cut that I got a month ago and just had to top it off with the most adorable shades ever!  I forgot to take a picture of them this weekend, so a decked-out-in-funky-shades-while-at-the-office picture is what ya get!  These will definitely be fun for the family vacation at Ocean City!Saturday morning included an early morning Zumba class (8:15- YIKES!) where I quickly learned the importance of eating before an aerobic workout.  Somehow I had forgotten this from marching band days, but that’s only because I’m old…or because I just wasn’t awake enough for my brain to be functioning at that time.  Nonetheless, I burnt 622 calories, after a little help from some very sweet women at Corpus Christi and their snacks of sugar and protein! Don’t worry – mental note permanently scorched into my brain.


Kristin (the Bug) sporting the funky shades!
Saturday afternoon gave way to garden work at my folk’s house, where we all worked hard in the sun cleaning up overgrown plants/bushes and cutting in around the new back porch for flowers to be planted.  I must say we did a pretty fine job, so if you need some yard work done, remember the Blum’s (but we charge by the hour and the rate increases by every 10 degrees Fahrenheit!).Dad, Andy and I went down to explore the Wing Festival at Centre Market and found that we weren’t all that hungry after working in the sun.  We listened to Hit Play for a bit and then Dad and I tried some spicy ranch wings from Deanos.  They were pretty good.  Dad was pretty sure it was all a ploy by Andy to get him down there to eat wings, while Andy held out.  You see these two have a weigh off going on.  It’s pretty funny listening to their encouraging words such as, “There’s another hamburger over there, why don’t you help yourself?”  I’m not sure where they’re weighing, but I reassured Dad that with the amount of sweating going on in the hot sun, that we’d work off the wings pretty quickly.


Andy and I headed out to Undo’s in Elm Grove to check out Hit Play in an air conditioned environment.  Despite the heat and the long day they had already had, they sounded great (even when wearing really bright orange ear plugs).Be sure to check these guys out!  They’ve got a great sound and the lead singer has an amazing voice.  The drummer is also pretty awesome! 🙂


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