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The Greatest Story Ever Told

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I’ve spent the past few days trying to figure out how to tell you just how excited I am for this weekend. ย I’m not sure I’ll ever find the right words, so I’m going to share what comes from my heart anyways.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the nameless people in the Bible lately. ย You know the ones who walked among our Lord, but were not well known or important enough to be named in the scriptures. ย I’ve been wondering what their reactions would have been and how their lives were changed by just being in His presence. ย All this contemplation is because I’m spending this weekend helping to shareย the greatest story ever told; the story of Jesus Christ.

The Greatest Story Ever Told - breething.com

Original image from Heaven Bound Ministries, Inc.

We’ve heard the stories before. ย The account of Jesus’ birth, his childhood, his baptism, the healing power of His touch and the teachings He share with the disciples. ย And of course, we know of His brutal crucifixion and glorious resurrection. But have you ever wondered what the actual scenes looked like?

Of course it’s hard to imagine, us being in the 21st century, imagining people who would wander through the desert from one distant land to another. ย It’s even harder to imagine the thoughts and reactions of others when 12 men abandoned their lives, their careers and their families to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Have you seen any of the movies that have been released in the recent years, The Nativity or The Passion of the Christ? ย They have helped to paint an image of what these scenes and these “characters” might have looked like. ย 

This weekend, I have the honor and humbling privilege to help paint these scenes for the people of my town and surrounding areas. ย 

You see, twelve years ago,ย in a small Baptist church that my dad grew up in, a tradition was born. ย The church, along with the support of Heaven Bound Ministries, Inc. put on one of the most moving plays that I have ever seen, He’s Alive.

I’m not quite sure how my family came to be involved, but my dad, my younger brother and I became part of the cast, or as we prefer to call it, theย He’s Aliveย family. And after a few years at the church,ย the show became so popular and well attended that there was no option other than to move it to a larger venue. ย 

By God’s good graces, He blessed the ministry with the opportunity to be moved to our town’s historical theatre; to be performed on the same stage that well known Country music artists perform regularly and Broadway shows have been set. ย 

The Greatest Story Ever Told - breething.com

Original Image Courtesy of GreeneSpeak

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, my dad and I, with the help ofย over 200 cast and crew members, are bringing the greatest story ever told to life. ย And what’s better yet? It’s FREE for anyone to attend! ย The doors open an hour before the show, so please come early to grab a seat!

Hope to see you there!

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