Stickin’ to it

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25 days in…

MyFitnessPal announced on my news feed this morning that I’ve officially logged in every day for 25 days and I’m down 12 pounds in that time! 

MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter

I must admit, there are moments that all I can think about is my next meal and wishing it was chocolate cake, but really this counting calorie stuff isn’t that bad.  I’ve eaten hamburgers off the grill, a blizzard from Dairy Queen, birthday cake and some cookies and I still have come in under my goal or darn close to it every day in those 25 days.  

I’ve even gotten to the point where working out and doing Zumba multiple days a week (so far 3 days this week) isn’t a chore, but rather something that I look forward to.  Even while I’m in the car, I think about how I can turn a song into a Zumba routine.  Hmm, that’s pretty amazing for this white chick who used to refuse to get on the dance floor at school dances, except for the slow songs!

So my goal is to get my butt out of bed tomorrow at 7:45, throw some clothes on and head over to Zumba at 8:15.  That would be 4 days this week sweating my butt off, but also another day that I can donate calories to the Great Calorie Drive, to help end world hunger!  

Setting my alarm now…and stickin’ to it!

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