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Let’s Celebrate!

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It’s National Singles Week!
September 15th – 21st

Who knew that all of the people without +1’s; those that eat soup from a can instead of expending the effort in making a real sit down dinner for one; the people who have cringed at every invitation of a family gathering where an aunt or grandmother is sure to remind everyone in the room (too loudly) that “time’s a-wasting, you’re not getting any younger and all the good ones will surely be taken”; and the ones who wonder if that “one” is even out there, actually have a week dedicated to being solo, single, the opposite of plural.

And why shouldn’t we celebrate? ย We are strong individuals who put up with the constant reminders, bashing and plain rudeness of a society who feels that if you’re not with someone, then you are no one. ย We are individuals who live on our own, do our own dishes, take out the trash, clean our homes and pump our own gas. ย We’re the ones that are often asked to be a bridesmaid, even though we already have a closet full of hideous dresses we’ll never wear again. ย We sometimes find ourselves in a jam, but are too stubborn to ask for help. ย But on the flip side,ย we are free to do our own thing, without having to ask for permission.ย We can eat cereal for dinner and drink milk straight from the carton. We are resourceful and creative. ย We are single…and we’re proud of it.

And why shouldn’t we be proud? ย We walk around in a world full of romantic comedies, romance novels and passionate kisses on TV. ย We don’t sulk at every display of affection not guided our way. ย We frequent places full of couples and we tolerate your children’s laughter and screams of delight, even though our biological clocks frantically start ticking louder. Instead, we remind ourselves that we won’t get a cold as easily as these loving couples do. ย We also don’t have to fight with someone over what movie to watch. We can wear our pajamas all weekend long, and we don’t have to worry about wearing cold cream to bed.

So tell me, what’s so wrong with being single? ย Our society is full of people who want to set up those “poor singles” with anyone, just to get them “fixed up”. ย Fixed up? ย What does that even mean? ย We’re not broken. ย We’re not missing some crucial part. ย Why do you have to fix us? ย We’re perfect just the way we are, and we’re going to celebrate this week for what it really is; a week that celebrates the individual who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.

Let's Celebrate:
Let's Celebrate:
Let's Celebrate:
Let's Celebrate:
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