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Simplify Your Life: Through Prayer (Second Edition)

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This week I’m focusing on different strategies of incorporating prayer into your daily life in order to help simplify and allow you to start living the life you’ve always dreamed of; the life God destined you to live.  Yesterday I shared a strategy that is great for children and adults alike, the Five Finger Prayer.  It’s a great tool to use, as there are no materials needed; it’s all in your hand!

Today I want to share with you another great tool that I came up with based on an idea that was shared in my Online Bible Study for A Confident Heart.  (By the way, A Confident Heart is available for FREE in the Kindle store today only – don’t wait, this could be the game-changer you’ve needed to move towards a more confident you!)

In our Online Bible Study, the leaders shared a variety of techniques with us to keep motivated and on the right track of moving toward a more confident heart and eliminating doubt and fear in our lives.  One of the techniques was the use of a “No-Fail Pail” in which we were encouraged to download and print these incredible scripture cards.  These would then be placed in a cute little cup, pail, or jar that we could pull from when we found ourselves stuck in the midst of doubt, to pull us from the pits and raise us up to the strong individuals we are destined to be.

I love my “No-Fail Pail” as it provided me the encouragement needed during some of my times of doubt, and so I took that concept one step further and decided to create a “Pray Pail” where prayers and concerns can be collected and reflected upon at the end of each month throughout the year.

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Create a Prayer Pail

Unlike the Five Finger Prayer, this method of prayer requires a few materials.You’ll need:

  • A medium-size jar or large cup
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Tape
  • Envelope
  1. Begin by placing making a label to tape to your jar or cup so that everyone in the house knows the contents are not to be disposed of.  Make it as decorative or plain as you wish.
  2. Cut your paper into strips (long and wide enough to write down a few sentences).
  3. Write down your current prayer concerns or praises.  Consider writing the praises in one color of ink and concerns in another. Continue doing this throughout the remainder of the month.  No fancy vocab needed, just jot down your thoughts of what is on your heart and mind, that you want to lift up to the Lord.
  4. At the end of the month, collect all of the slips and read over each one.  Set aside the praises and blessings to be read last.
  5. Read over the concerns that you had throughout the month, reflecting upon them to determine how God has worked through you in these circumstances.  Did he answer your prayers?  Did he teach you a lesson that was more beneficial to your character by not answering your request?  Write your thoughts on the back of each slip.
  6. Read over the praises and blessings, recalling each situation, and thank God for each one.
  7. Place these slips in the envelope to keep for further reflection at the end of the year.
  8. Repeat these steps each month.
Sounds do-able, right?  And for those of you who are out and about, and would rather do this electronically, then consider one of the many Prayer Journal apps for your smartphone.  Here are two free options, though there are dozens out there:

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Original image (of glass jar) courtesy of vudhikrai / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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