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You’ve heard me raving about this book time and again, even before it made it to my mail box, so here I am again, to tell you that I simply cannot get enough of the message from Mandy Hale.  I’m pretty sure we’d be besties if we ever met because I could have easily have written the opening chapter of the book.  But truthfully, her message is one that every woman should hear, that your worth is not dependent upon someone else or something else, like a job or the car you drive, the kind of clothes or jewelry you wear, it’s dependent upon you living your life to the fullest, the way only YOU can because God made YOU to be unique, special and one-of-a-kind.  I know the title says, The Single Woman, but I think that The Married Woman or The Divorced Woman or the Widowed Woman or the Not-Even-Old-Enough-to-Date Woman should read it!


The last few days of summer.  It has really gone by too fast and though I love everything about fall (especially anything Pumpkin flavored), I just want the warm sunny days to last a little bit longer.  Maybe until mid-September? October?


The fact that my dedication to attending Zumba classes has brought me to a place where I am now able to help lead when the main instructor is not available.  I’m loving (and kinda shocked) that I’m considering becoming a certified Zumba instructor when I have funds available to do so!  Ha, who would have ever thought!


A huge life lesson to take away from the past couple of months is don’t believe what the IRS tells you: it’s not worth cashing the mysterious check they sent you, even if the IRS worker at the local office told you it was okay and even though you filed your taxes properly in the first place.  It’s just not worth it.


To the set list for the week’s worship service at C3, where I will be interpreting the announcements and songs.

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