Simplify Your Life: Through Exercise {Tips & Tricks}

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Are you in some desperate need of a plan of how to keep on the path towards success with your exercise regimen?  I’ve collected some of my favorite tips and tricks to help!

Have you hit the proverbial wall in your workout? 
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Music to Stay Motivated

Today I’m featuring two incredible articles by fellow blogger, Tiffany of Seeing Sunshine!  This girl has got her hands on the gold when it comes to great tips to keep you motivated in your workout routines and building a healthy frame.  

The first article I’m featuring is a list of her 10 favorite songs to workout to.  These songs happen to be from Christian artists, but even if you’re not looking for spirituality in your routine, the messages are positive and uplifting (which is often what I need to get those last 10-15 minutes in).  Check out the comments for my list of favorites.

If these tunes aren’t hitting the spot, maybe consider trying out the best secret Pandora stations for working out!  Whatever you decide to groove to, make sure it’s a message that provides you the gumption to keep on going!  You’ve got this!

Keeping Your Workout Interesting

Popsicle Stick Workout - Featured on Breething.com Blog Series

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Popsicle Stick Workout

You can’t wake up dreading your workout because you don’t know what it will include!

Will your day include burpees?  How about squats or push-ups?  Maybe it’s just a 10 minute jog?  Whatever it is that you pull for the day, go for it!  This is an incredible way to keep from the inevitable boredom that creeps its way into workouts.  

Shake it up and see what your day holds!

What To Eat Post-Workout

The second article that I want to feature by Seeing Sunshine is Tiffany’s favorite post-work out meals.  It’s mega important that you eat after a workout, even if you’re not hungry.  Of course, you won’t be sitting down to a three course meal, but a small snack with sugars and carbohydrates are important and always down a couple of glasses of water or sports drink to replenish your body of all the water that was lost through perspiration.  

My favorite post-workout snack is a banana with peanut butter.  What is your’s?

Sometimes you’ve just got to shake things up to keep your fitness routine interesting.  Or maybe you need to mix up your workout playlist to give yourself an extra push of motivation to reach your goals. No matter what you choose to keep yourself on the path to success, be sure to sneak a snack in!
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