Still Breething…

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This blog was originally started to journal my way to a better Bree…and in ways it will still be heading that direction, but it’s now open to the public. Here you’ll read about things that ensure that I’m still “breething” – like my faith, my family, my health and my passions for ASL (American Sign Language and design.

I will also include shameless plugs for my businesses, Hands on Communication, that focuses on using ASL to promote early communication, literacy and language skills for children of all ages and abilities, as well as my graphic design work at, Design4Sign.

Sarcasm runs in my family and the gene was passed on to me, so you may see this unfortunate tick of mine surface in my writing.  If you don’t understand this type of humor, your name might be Dr. Sheldon Cooper, and I apologize in advance, Shelly.  Enjoy!

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