Simplify Your Life: Through Exercise {For Beginners}

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Through the majority of my life, I felt that exercise was something of the devil.  Okay, okay, maybe it’s not that evil, but I did consider it to fall in the same category as my least favorite chores (washing dishes and cleaning the bathroom).  How could something that would cause more pain the following day be good for you anyways?

Then last May my perspective changed drastically.  Something that I originally thought to be completely against my nature, suddenly made total sense.  I found ways to work exercise into my already busy schedule and even got to the point where I would spend from 8 to 11 a.m. working out on Saturday mornings!

What changed?  I finally found my niche in the fitness world.  You can do it too…

While in college, I had a free pass to the gym and wellness center on campus, where I tried everything from Tae Bo, to weight lifting.  From the elliptical machine to racquetball.  The conclusion that I came to every time was that I HATED to sweat and none of these activities were ME. (Especially after receiving a racquetball to the mouth!)

If that sounds anything like you, I want to let you in on a little secret.  You’re not alone!  Many people try to mold themselves into a exercise routine because they heard about it on TV, or because their friend said they had received great results doing x, y or z.  But the truth is that they’re miserable, either being bored out of their mind with a routine that does not challenge them, or struggling through a regimen that exceeds their current abilities. 

So I’ll tell you the same thing my friend told me back in May…

New workout? Keep at it for 30 days. If you’re not happy 
or seeing results, quit or find something new! [ Tweet this ]

Running For Beginners

Beginner Running Tips - Simplify Your Life and Start Living: Through Exercise - breething.com

Click on the image for beginner tips.

Months ago I had a dream that I was running on our local walking trail, training for a marathon.  It felt so effortless (mind you, I was sleeping – haha!), but in reality, I don’t know how to run.  

My exercise induced asthma has always held be back from trying to run further than across the street, to avoid moving traffic, but since my perspective on the whole exercise thing changed back in May, my asthma has not flared up once.  
So why not give it a shot, right?

So these beginning runner tips are just as much for me as they are for you!  Want to encourage each other across the miles?  Email me!

Treadmill For Beginners

Beginner Treadmill Tips - Simplify Your Life and Start Living: Through Exercise - breething.com

Click on the image for beginner tips.

Did Santa bring you a new treadmill or elliptical machine for Christmas?  Or is there one in the spare bedroom collecting dust?  Well it’s time to dust that sucker off!

Not sure how to achieve the best results while working out on a stationary machine?  Check out some of the tips and techniques for beginners by clicking on the image.

Let me know how you do with your new routine!

Yoga For Beginners

Yoga for Beginners - Simplify Your Life and Start Living - breething.com

Click on the image for beginner tips.

If I were the least bit flexible, I’m sure I would enjoy Yoga.  But darn my super-tight hamstrings and the interestingly named positions!  I just can’t do it.

Yoga has many health benefits, however, that include reduced tension and stress, increases core body strength and can be a form of meditation.

There are also many different levels of Yoga, so starting out with the basics is probably the best way to go.  Then build yourself up to the more advanced positions.  Namaste!

Zumba For Beginners

Click on the video above to watch some beginning moves.
Zumba used to intimidate me, especially the videos that you sometimes see on TV or YouTube, with these perfectly toned woman and their spray tans. Let me tell you, this is NOT the norm!  

Baggy sweat pants and t-shirts are welcomed, as well as your hair tossed up into a messy ponytail or pushed back with a headband. If you look like a model when you get done with your workout, let me ask, just how effective was that workout anyways?

I admit I’m a Zumba-lover (maybe an addict!), but it’s because it’s my niche, it’s what works for me.  

Here are some of my favorite beginner routines that I found on YouTube:

Give it 12 weeks.  Don't Quit! - Simplify Your Life and Start Living: Through Exercise - breething.com


Few of My Favorite Things (Exercise) - Simplify Your Life and Start Living: Through Exercise - breething.com

This could be YOU!

So what do you think?  With these beginner tips, do you think that you can work towards creating a more healthy and fit version of yourself?  Maybe you’ll have some fun in the meantime!  But if you don’t find any of these workouts to be your perfect match, don’t get discouraged.  

Consider trying some alternative ways to keep fit if you haven’t found your niche or even to mix up your current routine.  Maybe try out water aerobics (there is even Zumba Aqua!), bicylcing or even consider rollerblading (I know it’s so 1990’s but it’s a great workout!).  Whatever it is that you find that works for you, stick with it!  

See other ways to Simplify Your Life and Start Living…

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  1. Visiting from Titus Tuesday. I am the worst at exercising. I used to love going to the gym, but alas, with 2 small kids and a home day care to run, that’s not really in the schedule anymore. I love walking, but the weather is usually cold around here! So… I am trying new things, but I haven’t found the perfect routine yet.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lindsey! I’m sure it is more difficult to work exercise into your schedule with two little ones and your in home business. I suggest mapping out your week, writing out your daily schedules (check out my post on Scheduling – http://goo.gl/QLsJgJ for a great print out). This should help you to find some free time in your schedule that you can dedicate to exercise.
      Try some in home exercises while the weather is unpleasant, such as some of the beginner Zumba videos I provided. You could also do some research for other options, such as calisthenics that will keep you fit, until you can get back outside! Best of luck to you!

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