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Introverts and Weddings

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I read this incredible article the other day (thanks to Pastor Adam’s confession on FB), 23 Signs You’re an Introvert, and realized that there’s really no doubt, I am 82% an Introvert, and now that it’s out…there’s no secret.  Ok, maybe it wasn’t a secret anyways because if you’ve ever been around me you may notice that I’m pretty quiet, to myself, or considered to be a woman of few words.  Lucky for me (not sure about you), once you get to know me and I feel more comfortable around you, sometimes I break out of that shell and you can’t get me to shush up!

Needless to say, I’m pretty stoked that there is an article out there that people can refer to if they want to understand how my warped little brain works and why I don’t have much to say.  Most of the time it’s not you…really it’s me.

So due to the fact that I am so naturally drawn to being an introvert, the idea of going to a friend’s wedding, where I would know people, but not REALLY know them, quite honestly freaked me the heck out!  I would have to make small talk (number one on the list), which to any old average Joe may seem as easy as breathing, but I find extremely complex and the task overtaxing.  Then there was this whole thing of having to meet new people (number two on the list) and though that should be exciting, it requires small talk and as I said, it’s not my favorite pastime. And on top of that when I get nervous, I talk fast (an over-exaggeration of the constant feed of my inner monologue – see number sixteen on the list) and I end up stuttering or stumbling over words, blending them together or sounding like some dyslexic form of myself.

It just so happened that a beloved friend of mine was getting married this past Saturday and though the majority of me said that I needed to be there to help celebrate such a monumental day in her life, the stupid inner monologue kept conflicting itself, saying that it was safer to stay at home and catch up on my TV shows.  The majority won, mainly as I really didn’t have much of a choice since I was a pretty lousy friend most recently in completely forgetting about her wedding shower and because I was trying to take a page out of the book by Mandy Hale, @TheSingleWoman, and being confident even if I was forced to attend an event minus a plus one.  Her book, short and sweet and no doubt to the point, has a way of pushing you towards confidence, not faking it til you making it, but just doing it, not allowing what others perceive you to be to rule your thoughts.  So…I went for it.

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As I drove down Chapline Street towards the First Presbyterian Church, I prayed aloud to God to equip me for this event.  I prayed that He would provide me the confidence needed to attend and remain at the wedding and reception.  I prayed for Him to provide a fluidity of words and that I may have a good time.  I concluded the prayer with, “I can only do this with YOU” and as I exited my car, I thought to myself, “Ha!  Who needs a plus one when you have Jesus?”

Apparently I should have asked for God’s help in the ability to read the invitation since I arrived at the church one hour before the festivities were to begin.  But then again, maybe not, because I wasn’t the only one who was early.  A couple from Morgantown, the groom’s father’s best friend since childhood and his wife, sat in lobby wondering where everyone else was, just as I was doing the same thing.  They even asked me if I knew what time the wedding started and I said I was sure it was at 4:00, but then 20 minutes later when there still were not many people milling around, I checked the invitation in my purse and read that I indeed had read it wrong, but it was to start at 4:30.  We had a good laugh and wondered if we would get a prize for being the most dedicated in arriving first.  And then, when the time finally did come to enter the sanctuary for the ceremony, they asked if I would like to sit with them, even though I should be sitting on the bride’s side.  And so…I did.

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The ceremony went off without a hitch and was such a fitting way to celebrate the union of two beautiful, God-loving people.

I provided directions to the reception to the couple that I sat with and made my own way there.  I was to be seated at Table 3, which just so happened to be front and center of the “sweetheart table” that the new Mr. & Mrs. were to be seated.  I got myself a drink at the bar (because I needed it to calm my nerves of having to meet more new people) and some goodies to snack on and planted myself at my table as I awaited the arrival of the other seven that would occupy chairs at my table.

First to arrive were three 20-somethings and we made small pleasantries as we all snacked on the cheese and crackers and other assorted baked goods.  Somehow one of the girls and I struck up a conversation and that fluidity that I prayed for showed up.  And surprisingly, so did the good time that I asked God to allow me to have.  I caught myself laughing and having a great time with Laura, Matt and Katie, all siblings that attended the same high school and 2 of the same colleges as I had.  And at one point, I was “adopted” into their family as their mom introduced them to another guest.  It was also interesting to find that Matt and both of his parents had Fitbit Flexes (you know that suped-up pedometer I wear) and was fun to challenge them to get in more steps throughout the night.  I was the proud winner at 20k+ as we left the Capitol Music Reception Hall.

So reflecting back on the evening, I would say it was a major success not only for Lindsey & Joe in their marriage, but also for myself and some new-found confidence.  Am I leaving introversion behind, ha, I wish.  It’ll always be a part of me, but just like Mandy Hale says to not allow other’s thoughts to define who you are, I’m not going to allow my own thoughts to do the same.

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