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Giving Thanks: Printable #2

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What a blessed weekend I had.  So many things to be thankful for!  You can read about them here.  But today I am continuing my segment from last week, to provide you printable scriptures as reminders to give thanks even when the outlook of your day is dark and dreary.Didn’t get a chance to print out last week’s?
Pin them, download them and print them here!

Pin this image (drag your mouse over the picture) or Download and Print.
Why only six images if I’m doing this for each week?  I want to challenge you to come up with your own on day seven of each week.  Crack open your Bible and start searching for verses that speak to your heart and that reminds you to give thanks each day.
Don’t have a Bible?  Search for keywords and phrases using this site.Want more?  Click here to download my 1st Free Printable.

What are some of your favorite scriptures that help you to remember to be thankful?

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