Thanksgiving Challenge & Giveaway!

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During the month of October I completed half of The Single Woman’s 30 day blog challenge. It was a great opportunity to branch out into different content and I enjoyed writing about each topic, well most of them anyways. Today starts a new month and so I thought I would host my own challenge, and I hope you join in!

Challenge No. 1: Photo-A-Day

My first challenge to you this month is to test out your photography skills. Don’t worry if you’re not the nextย Annie Leibovitz; I’m just looking for creativity. Take a look at the list in the image to the left and follow each day’s inspiration as you snap your pictures. ย To save the challenge image, you can either “Pin It” (drag your mouse over the image for the button to appear) or download it here.

November #Photoaday Challenge - breething.com

To join the photo challenge there are few rules:

  • Follow along (@Breemarie83) on Twitter and Instagramย (so you can see what I come up with)!
  • Upload your pictures daily to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, using the hashtag, #Novpics13!

I can’t wait to see what kind of fun, unique and totally creative compositions you come up with!

Challenge No. 2: Thanksgiving Journal

My second challenge is for you to keep track of all of the blessings in your life during the month of November. ย You can do this in the standard pen/paper fashion journal, or a blog, vlog, or even a Facebook note. ย This month in the U.S., we celebrate a holiday giving thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon us during the year. Sometimes I wish it was a monthly occurrence (except for all of that food because I’d have to do Zumba seven days a week!) so we can be ever mindful of the things we are blessed with.

Thanksgiving Journal - breething.com

To join the Thanksgiving Journal/Blog/Whatever challenge there are a few rules:

  • Subscribe to (sign up here) to get updates via your inbox, and as a reminder, for you to find that special something that has blessed you each day.
  • Share our posts with a friend (one or several) and ask them to join you in the journey of giving thanks this month. ย Be sure to let me know by tweeting or emailing me a screenshot of your message to them.
  • Use the hashtag #30daysofthanks when sharing your posts on Facebook or Twitter!

Thanksgiving Giveaway

Because I am thankful for all of my faithful followers (you know who you are), I have seen my stats double in the last month. It is my hopes that the content I share here will reach more people who are in the need of encouragement, that it may inspire them to work harder to become better versions of themselves, and that they may look to the things that keep them “breething” as a means of motivation. ย I cannot think of a better way to share the love that I have felt through your such heartfelt messages than by a fun giveaway in time for Thanksgiving!

In order to qualify, enter below…

Thanksgiving Giveaway - breething.com
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy November!

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  1. Dolly, you’re sweet!! I too enjoyed connecting with all of you tonight! I’m headed to your corner of the web right now! Be blessed!

    1. Thanks for sharing Tiffany! I too am thankful for these things, as well as my warm, comfy sweater and space heater here at work. We’ve got snow on the ground here. Not quite ready for all of this yet, but I guess I don’t have much choice in the matter! ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay warm!

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