The Ultimate Frugal Christmas Guide: Young Adults

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Every year at Christmas, there’s always someone on your list that you struggle to find the perfect gift for without blowing your budget.  Maybe it’s your cousin who has been off to college, that you only get to see on holidays. Or maybe it’s your brother-in-law never wants anything.  No matter who it is, I’ve got you covered!

With The Ultimate Frugal Christmas Guide, you’ll receive multiple suggestions for each age group, from infancy to adults!  And what is better yet, each suggestion is under $20!  Gift buying has never been easier!

1. Handmade Escapade
Handmade doesn’t get much better than this!  From t-shirts, and one of a kind ornaments, to crocheted beer koozies, you’re sure to find something for the young adult on your list, all below $20!
2. The Single Woman 
To all the single ladies, and all the single men, it’s time to stop pouting and start celebrating being single! Author Mandy Hale takes you to a different level in viewing this leg of your journey.  I promise that all of those fears and insecurities will quickly vanish once you realize that you’re not actually in this alone!
3. Designs by Nicolina
Nicolina’s designs are a great find for the holidays!  Such clever phrases and quotes put together with fun graphics, at an incredible price.  Pair these prints with a funky frame and you have the perfect gift for the artsy-fartsy young adult on your list!
4. In Blue
Handmade and handprinted cowhide journals for under $20!  They can even be customized with the text or image of your choosing!  You can’t beat the price or the quality of these gifts – perfect for the aspiring writer or free-time doodler!
5. Grace and Truth Studio
Do you have a lover of books, a movie buff or collector of quotes on your list?  In pendants or keychains, you can be sure that their favorite words of wisdom are never forgotten.  Don’t see their favorite mutterings here?  Order a customized piece for them!

Need more ideas for your shopping list?

Note: Some of the links above are my affiliate links which means, at no additional cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. Thank you for your support in this way!

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      I whole-heartedly agree! I just came across their shop recently and can’t wait to get my hands on their products! Thanks for stopping by!

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