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Remember this post??
Looking at the calendar today, I’ve been going to Zumba for four months and 17 days!  Recently I’ve begun to lead classes when the main instructor is not available and I’ve lost 27 pounds since May.  I’m down 4 pant sizes and I can wear Large tops and bottoms now, something that I never imagined I’d get back into, and I have even begun to wear dresses on a regular basis (though jeans and a cardigan will forever be my preferred style of dress).

I have completed not one, but two 5k races.  I have developed my lungs so that I can withstand an entire Zumba workout without getting lightheaded (which is something I couldn’t have said four months ago).  I feel stronger and much more flexible.  And most of all, I feel more confident in my own skin.

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I still don’t look like the picture from my post back in June, but I’ve completed those 12 weeks.  I didn’t quit.  And guess what?  In the past week, I’ve seen a handful of people that I haven’t seen since August and every one of them have raved about how great, how different and how beautiful I look.  They’ve also asked if I’ve had guys beating my door down to get to me and I laugh because this girl is still single.  I’m not working on becoming healthier and more fit for a man…though my original motivation may be been…I’m doing it for me.  To become the best version of Bree that I can be.  So far…so good!

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