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Christmas Blessings

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There are decorations everywhere you go.  People in my neighborhood even had them up before Thanksgiving this year in anticipation.  There are so many reminders of what materialism and commercialization of the holidays have made – Santa and his reindeer mounted on the front porch roof, Frosty the Snowman and his corncob pipe, and a bunch of elves standing on each other’s shoulders to peer into the window.  Unfortunately the decorations of my youth that helped remind me of the true focus have gone by the wayside.  

Still I look for some of my favorite decorations and things of the season that bring back that sense of awe and wonder.  A different kind of wonder than the shepherds might have experienced when they finally made it to the cattle shed housing the newborn Savior, but still a wonder of the season.

This Christmas and beyond, I collected images of decor and traditional items that have helped to make Christmas feel like Christmas, with Christ at the center.  It sure was a Christmas filled with many blessings!
What are some things that help to keep Christ at the focus of the holiday for you?  
What songs, signs, sayings, events, etc. blessed you this Christmas?

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