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Do you ever have those kind of weekends that have you moving from sun up to sun down and every moment in between?  It’s exhilerating and exhausting all at once.  So many plans, so many errands, so many things to check off the to-do list and even though some (okay, many) of the items do not get accomplished, you still feel satisfied with how everything played out.

This weekend was one of those.  Whirlwind, moving and shaking.  Making and baking and driving long distances.  Gathering with friends who are more like family.  Having deep discussions and cracking jokes that outsiders would find pathetic.  Talking about, singing about and praying to Jesus.  

It’s these kind of weekends that I live for!

Thinking about: How I’ve been in a funk lately and not feeling like doing much of anything.  I’ve struggled to find the words to keep writing here.  I’ve struggled to stay focused at work and I’ve struggled in keeping up my motivation to keep up with my exercise and healthy eating habits.  Wondering what I need to do to get my groove back and into the swing of life again.  I think I’ve lost my mojo (if I ever really possessed such a thing in the first place)!

Reading: Starting a brand new book tonight, Limitless Life, for another Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Study.  I think it’ll be a good change of pace.  I’m praying that it’ll also aid in lifting myself out of this sense of simply existing and back into living.

Listening to: I’ve been listening to my playlist I created for those times I need a pick-me-up.  The list includes Dream Big by Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band, Brave by Sara Bareilles, and Yours Forever by Dara Maclean.  

Watching: I’m looking forward to watching the 1st part of the Dancing with the Stars finale tonight with my Grandma.  We’ve enjoyed watching the different styles and personalities this season.  My personal favorite is the team of Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas (if you only knew my love for Full House), but all of the contestants that have made it to the end are incredibly talented and sparkly mirror ball could end up in any of their hands. The ball is anyone’s court!

Thankful for: This past weekend was such a fantastic opportunity that allowed me to spend most of it with people whom I adore!  We had our He’s Alive cast party at our director’s farm on Saturday.  Though it was only in the mid 50s, the sky was for the most part clear and we enjoyed getting together and enjoying one another’s company outside of costumes.  I am thankful that I didn’t hurt myself too bad (though I still kind of feel like a Mack truck ran me down) playing volleyball with a bunch of teenagers, and that we were able to hear a very passionate and convicting message from one of the pastors that was a part of the production. I also got to hang out with the two beautiful ladies in the picture above and share some thoughts about topics that plague all Christians (more on this in future posts).

Wishing: For warmer and sunnier weather this week.  After a week worth of rain, I’m ready for the sunshine and blue skies.  Rainy weather wears on me and I think after the winter we experienced this year, the last thing anyone wants to do right now is spend any more time inside!

So that’s what I’m up to currently.  I’d love to hear your answers to these six categories as well.  Feel free to share in the comments or link up at A Mama Collective’s “Currently” Link Up!

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  1. (Stopping by from the link-up) You got this! Mondays after weekends like that are always the hardest! The weekend is wonderful and exhilarating, but don’t reset me the way I’d like. Keeping positive and finding a few extra moments for prayer and the quick renewal things we do during the week always get me through.
    God bless!

    1. Ashley, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the mundaneness of life, especially when we begin to believe the whispers that we’re experiencing these feelings alone. I appreciate your reminder that prayer is where I can find release from these thoughts and receive the renewal that I need to push through. Many blessings, my sister!

  2. It’s a treat to have you in the link up, Bree. Sounds like a busy but soul filling weekend. I’m hoping that extra grace your covered in helps you find that mojo to keep writing and living healthy. Praying for you! // Mary

    1. Thank you, dear Mary! I appreciate your prayers and for stopping by. I love being able to connect with all of you through A Mama Collective!

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