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The weekend was full of all kinds of festivities and celebrations and one that will last in my mind for quite some time.

Saturday I surprised myself again with the act of bounding out of bed so I wouldn’t miss Zumba at 8:15.  Okay, I was actually a few minutes late because my eyes actually opened at 8:15 and I had to take a minute to scoop a spoonful of peanut butter out so I wouldn’t end up woozy again.  But I went!  I sweated like a pro and made it through the kick-butt routine (ironically called “Church”) again without feeling like my lungs would burst into flames or my limbs turning to lead.  So if that wasn’t enough to shock my system, I decided that instead of going home (where I was sure to crawl back into bed), I went for a walk…any returned 4 miles later!

I spent the rest of the afternoon with the family, catching some rays in the ‘rents pool, and eating some delicious smoked chicken breast and pork loin that my dad and brother had been tending to before Andy and I went out to Pray on the Field for C3 Soccer Camp.

I’m official!  After attending C3 for about 2.5 years, I was finally able to attend a C3-101 class, an orientation to membership, back in mid May and yesterday was presented before the congregation, by Pastor Tim, as a new member.  Though I will always consider Warwood UMC a part of my church family, it has been wonderful to find another group of fellow believers who are supportive of my faith and my aspirations, as well as the ministry in which I fulfill through interpreting on Sunday mornings.  I’ve also been very blessed to have gotten to know quite a few people my age (though most of them have dispersed around the country) through some great fellowship and Bible studies over the past 2.5 years and I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue getting to know more people through our new group that meets Sunday evenings.

“Dads are the most ordinary men turned by love into 
heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, singers of songs.” – Pam Brown

My dad in a nutshell… There’s not a phrase he can’t turn into a song; has told some of the most imaginative and creative bedtime stories weaving me and my siblings into Bible stories or tales of Care Bears; any trip in the car turns into an adventure full of learning experiences and is my everyday hero!

Thank you for all you are and have been in my life. I love you, Dad!

Soccer Camp was a lot of fun on Sunday night.  Andy and I went early to help set up and get things ready for the campers to arrive.  I helped organize the t-shirts for the volunteers and passed them out with name tags, which was nice since I was able to finally put names to faces that I see on Sunday mornings.  They had said in church in the morning that throughout the week (Sunday-Wednesday) there are 260 volunteers that have signed up to help and as of the time of the church service, we had 333 kids Pre-registered, which is approximately 80 more kids than last year!

The weather forecast was not showing us what we needed, but when the kids began to arrive with their families, God graciously parted the clouds and let the sun shine through.  It actually turned out to be the perfect weather since it wasn’t too hot and the grounds weren’t as wet as they thought they’d be.

Let’s hope God has in His plans for some more great weather through the rest of the week!  Feeling blessed!

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